Nucleic acid polymers are comprised of nucleotide monomers. Carbohydrate polymers are comprised of basic sugar monomers Protein polymers are comprised of amino mountain monomers.

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Match the words in the left-hand column with the proper blank in the sentence in the right-hand column.
A carbohydrate the yields countless monosaccharides when hydrolyzed is a polysaccharide . Lactose, the street in milk, is a disaccharide, due to the fact that it have the right to be separation into two monosaccharides A basic sugar is created of equal components carbon and also water, which provided rise to the basic name of any sugar as a carbohydrate . A monosaccharide cannot be hydrolyzed any kind of further.

Proteins can be visualized in many ways, every of i m sorry highlights a specific aspect of the protein. Drag the state on the left come the suitable blanks top top the right to complete the sentences.
Proteins carry out a variety of attributes in living organisms. The protein lysozyme (shown in the figure) is uncovered in tears and also saliva wherein it prevents infection by catalyzing the damage of particular molecules ~ above the surface of countless kinds that bacteria. To which functional class of protein does lysozyme belong?
Which characteristics best describe the side chains in the part of the protein in contact with the phospholipid tails that the membrane?
As a researcher in a protein lab, you analyze two various proteins for their shape and also the amino mountain they contain. Her results show that the two proteins have specifically the same numbers and species of amino acids, yet they have different shapes. What is the finest explanation for these results?
Complete the complying with vocabulary exercise relating come the level of framework in proteins. Complement the native in the left-hand column with the suitable blank in the sentences in the right-hand column.
Sort the images according come the level of framework in the proteins shown. Sort the items right into the appropriate bin.
Comparing RNA and also DNA sort the components of a nucleic acid according come whether each occurs solely in DNA, exclusively in RNA, or in both species of main point acid.
Scan follow me the standard sequences (O. Kisutch, O. Keta, and S. Salar), basic by base, identifying any bases that carry out not enhance the succession from your fish sample. How numerous nucleotide bases differ in between your sample (labeled together O. Kisutch) and also the traditional sequence for O. Kisutch?
What percentage of the bases in the typical sequence for O. Kisutch are identical to her sample? This value is referred to as the “percent identity.”
Now carry out the same analysis for the other two standards. Traction the worths to to fill in the table. Values may be used an ext than once. Not all worths will be used.
This table summarizes the outcomes of your evaluation Based on this data alone, determine the ideal hypothesis because that the varieties identity of her sample.

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The sample is most likely S. Salar (Atlantic salmon) since the 20-base nucleotide sequence is an accurate match come the S. Salar standard.