Sporting News Fantasy contributor Craig Williams highlights a fantasy football sleeper from every of the 32 NFL teams.

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Fantasy soccer sleepers come in several various shapes and also sizes. Some are well-known vets or players on the verge of entering the peak tier at their position; others, an ext modestly, might simply trade obscurity for steady production, yet that still to represent value.

Without additional adieu, let’s get into some of 2015"s top crop that sleepers.

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Injuries have actually been the key drawback throughout Stewart"s career and also those concerns remain, yet playing time pertains to may be erased through the departure of DeAngelo Williams. If he have the right to stay healthy and balanced – a large "if" – Stewart will emerge as a fantasy-friendly and versatile function back.


With Kevin White"s rookie season in jeopardy complying with surgery to fix a stress and anxiety fracture in his shin, 3rd year recipient Marquess Wilson has actually a opportunity to emerge as a reliable choice in the pass game. Eddie royal will open the season together the No. 2, but standing 6-4 with 4.51 speed, Wilson offers far an ext interesting fantasy -- and also perhaps actual life -- upside as another towering pass catcher because that Jay Cutler come target.


Honestly, both Terrance West and rookie duke Johnson are ideal here together well. With a dearth that perimeter weapons, the Browns will likely lean greatly on the run.


The Cowboys have a an excellent offensive line and they at the very least appear an ext willing 보다 the Raiders to walk the extra mile for the services of Ws. If McFadden flops in large D, feel free to fully disregard him going forward.


Latimer only caught two of 4 targets in his rookie season, and with Demaryius Thomas and also Emmanuel Sanders still in the fold, fantasy owners will probably overlook him. Also if girlfriend don’t draft him, though, save Latimer emphasize on her watch list.

Adams is quiet behind Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb, however don’t it is in surprised if he commands a bigger item of the pie in 2015 after his promise rookie season.

Hopkins is more of a potential breakout choose than “sleeper”, however consider he enhanced his capture percentage native 55 to 60 percent, a number that is particularly impressive once you likewise factor in his 15.9 yards every reception.

Gore will certainly be 32 when the season starts, so proceed with caution. V that said, he’s still most likely the finest option ~ above the depth chart. He’ll consist of for shed steps by doing some damage in the happen game.

The Jaguars room quietly putting together an amazing group of attack talent about their second-year signal-caller. Don’t be surprised if Bortles take away a far-reaching step front in 2015.

Kelce is an ext of a “breakout” candidate 보다 pure “sleeper”, however he still needs to be stated here. ~ reeling in 67 that 87 targets in 2014 and sharing snaps with the since departed Anthony Fasano, Kelce numbers to see an increase in consumption as the team’s top tight end and No. 3 attack option.

Johnson emerged as the Vikings’ No. 1 recipient in 2014, which no saying much, admittedly, however he did average 15.3 yards per catch and also should proceed to grow alongside second-year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

There’s no doubt that Rob Gronkowski is the Patriots’ No. 1 receiver, but LaFell wrong his career bests in 2014, capturing 74 passes because that 953 yards and seven touchdowns.

Cooks had his season ended prematurely as result of injury, but prior to that he to be a highly efficient weapon in the Saints’ attack, capturing 53 that 70 targets. He just averaged 10.4 yards per catch, but he has the ability to revolve a short reception right into an explosive obtain will be asked come do much more following the trade of Jimmy Graham.

Manning got locked in during the final quarter that the season, and with a complete season pitching to Odell Beckham Jr., look for him to it is in a sneaky QB1 alternative in 2015.

Decker is a tiny boring in ~ this point, yet the jets passing game -- and also offense in basic -- numbers to be far better than it"s remained in several years. With Brandon Marshall and also Devin smith commanding attention from the secondary, Decker have to warrant plenty of looks indigenous Ryan Fitzpatrick, who for every his warts as a real-life quarterback, generally plays well sufficient for his receivers to have value.

The truth that that plays for the Raiders and also suffered part injuries in 2014 might dampen some of the hype heading into the season, yet his 5.2 yards per carry and also 17 receptions ~ above 23 targets provides him a prime breakout candidate.

With Martavis Bryant suspended because that the an initial games of the season, Wheaton has a possibility to take the Steelers" No. 2 job and also run v it. There"s a reason everyone preferred him going into last season. This can be the year he yes, really takes off.

The Rams’ selection of Todd Gurley will scare some civilization away indigenous Mason, but a rookie coming off an ACL tear won’t render Mason useless because that the Rams or fantasy owners. Besides, it’s no as if the Rams don’t desire to run the ball as lot as possible.

At least until Melvin Gordon shows he’s prepared to run as the Chargers’ lead back, fantasy owners should proceed to show Oliver a small love.

Make no mistake, Carlos Hyde is the guy to own in this backfield, however fantasy owner can likewise expect that to it is in pumped complete of helium as the draft approaches. Bush has his warts, however can’t you see him being that annoying vet who won’t give way to the interesting young guy?

There isn’t much to say around Seferian-Jenkins’ rookie season other than that that left many of room because that improvement. An update at the quarterback position -- assuming Jameis Winston is, in fact, an upgrade -- will assist the physical imposing second-year tight end.

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The Titans irritable fantasy owner by continuing to provide Shonn Greene and Jackie Battle far-reaching carries rather of Sankey, but the second-year ago should be in far better position come take end the lead function in 2015.

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