General CommentIt"s obviously about a girl and "The silicon chip inside her head it s okay switched come overload" that sounds favor she wants to shooting her institution down. It likewise sounds favor she"s misunderstood, because it claims in the tune "Daddy doesn"t understand it, he always said she was good as gold. And he deserve to see no reasons, "Cause there space no reasons. What reasons do you have to be shown? " the sounds like he thought she was just the perfect, chaste child, yet all the if she held a mystery of anger and also pain beneath her skin. When again, tori mirrors us the perfect instance of beautiful lyrics, and also a good song! ns love it!

General CommentThis song always reminds me of...well, i don"t understand the certain details, but a highschool teacher that mine said us around this mother/wife who maintained all her children home from college one day, and while she husband was at work, one by one drowned castle in the bathtub. Ns think she had recently provided birth and also was experiencing from this after-birth depression the occurs in some ladies after having a baby.

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General CommentOkay, i can"t think nobody has actually mentioned the obvious here. Yes, the track was very first done by the Boomtown Rats. The is around a college shooting in 1979 whereby a 16 year old Brenda Spencer shoot at kids at an elementary school and ended up death the principal and also custodian and also wounding eight children and also a police officer. It to be on a Monday and also she finished up saying "I don"t prefer Mondays". Therefore the tune is about looking because that a definition of why somebody would perform that because "there room on reason" and also so lock ask why and also the answer is "I don"t prefer Mondays".

General CommentThis is a yes, really heartbreaking song. Tori"s voice is perfect for it. Among my more favorite covers on Strange tiny Girls.

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General CommentYeah, like cursedfairytale said. 1979, 16 year old Brenda Spencer opened up fire on Cleveland primary school School. Eliminated two men, hurt 8 students, and 1 police officer. The two men she eliminated were the school"s primary who was attempting come rescue children in the heat of fire, and also a custodian who was attempting to assist him. She offered the rifle her father had given her together a gift. When asked regarding why she did this, she simply declared "I don"t favor Mondays, this livens up the day." She additionally made a many other comment later, such as "There was no reason for it, and it was simply a most fun"; "It was similar to shooting duck in a pond"; and "They looked like a herd of cows stand around, it to be really simple pickings." The truth that she didn"t kill any type of of the children she shot at, was actually sheer dumb luck quite than any type of reluctance on she part. She to be sentenced to 25 year to life in prison. Therefore basically, yes that"s everything(there is more, such as the truth she"s been up because that parole 4 times, yet that"s another story), and also obviously this track was orignally excellent by the boomtown rats, most world know this.