Total war veteran right here who has actually never had much problem beating any type of total battle campaign. My existing WRE campaign (only 20 transforms in) is rather challenging however. Ive uncovered myself at battle with several factions and also am gaining blitzed on several fronts. Any type of one through a heavy strategy for WRE plz post....ill take on every advice-Thanks!

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It depends if you want to take an easy means out or truly protect the whole empire. I have done multiple legend WRE campaigns where the first time i razed 9 provinces and also another where I do the efforts to safeguard the whole empire.The project is immensely simple if you raze pannonia, illyria, britannia, 3 provinces in gaul, and a couple others. This effectively lowers corruption come a controlled level and refunds friend a considerble lot of money.If you decision to safeguard the entire empire, the is guarenteed to be slower and you will certainly fight plenty of garrison defense war which room boring. Yet it have the right to be done!One the the biggest tips i can offer has to be excellent on the first couple turns. Go to diplomat and try to coerce countless of the barbarian tribes to declare battle on each other. Occasionally they will carry out it for cost-free if they currently hate a certain faction, occasionally a bribe of 1000 gold will certainly convince them. Act this friend can gain the irish, franks, marcomanni, and many rather to start fighting their next-door neighbors (usually, it never works for certain). This lets those factions fight every other and also not you.The other big tip is to dismantle all unnecessary structures on rotate 1. This way temples, industry, statues, strange military building locations, and some city facility buildings. I have a very particular building system when play Romans and also so i dismantle many structures to obtain a sizable bonus to the treasury.I like dismantling churches because they have actually high maintain upkeep cost and additionally because i love the theatre/amphitheatre heat which gives roman pagan influence, several wealth, and lots of publicly order. Once 35% of my population is pagan, I convert (nothing versus christianity, simply too expensive!)Speaking of structures here is what ns do:Province resources (walled city): aqueduct, fishing port, theatre, governors legacy (on legend you regularly need 2 PO buildings), alcohol emporium/trading resource (salt, olives, wine, gold, etc).Minor cities: fishing ports(infertile-average fertility) or trading(if high fertility province), sheep farms (average-rich fertility)/ cattle farm (poor-average fertility), trade resource/military recruitment/2nd farm. If the an ar is an excellent or rich definitely construct two farms.Cities top top the frontier (assuming you execute not raze any kind of cities): main city buildings at the very least level 2, armed forces garrison buildings, 1 public order structures like a colliseum and also a short level city sanitation. Frequently I untax this border areas so ns don"t need to spend priceless money upgrading ranches and including extra publicly order. This is because you will most likely lose countless of these frontier cities (gaul, briton, pannonia), no use spending lot money top top them until you can completely stabilize.For research, focus on acquiring armigeri defensoris i m sorry are terrific infantry only requiring a level 2 barracks and also 11 transforms of research. Following go because that upgraded farms and also governors estates. Carry out not ever before upgrade the church line in the civil technology tree because you will certainly lose access to aqueducts and also theatres.Keep your two household members in charge of her two greatest armies, never ever let them die in a tiny hopeless garrison defense. As soon as your faction leader has over 100 influence, take on some faithful "other nobles".Have governors in your many troubled provinces, specialize in windy order in ~ first. Troubled locations are typically found in spain and africa.As for armed forces strategy, hopefully you obtained some barbarians to fight each various other up north. Revolve 2 you have the right to defeat the quadians through defending the small town on turn 1, rental mercs, climate manually strike their city. I also recommend having actually both militaries in gaul fuse with each other and shot to trap and destroy the seubians who space running rampant in her territory. Try to raise enough money to obtain 1 decent army in africa come systematically wipe the end the 3 african people beneath her territory. If you consolidate africa the removes an entire flank that your region to defend! with 6-7 half strength militaries in the phibìc you have the right to reasonably protect the northern frontier though money will be tight. Construct a army port in burdigala in souther gaul, progressive a fleet the ballista pearls to protect the english channel from vikings or celts.If you control to get through 20 or so turns and also wipe the end africa you are good to go. It took me choose 6 hrs to get through that many turns defending the entire empire due to the fact that i spent fifty percent the time manually doing garrison battles (and losing numerous of them). WRE is a complicated campaign (which is why ns did it), yet painfully tedious. It really isn"t also terribly challenging with a heavy plan.

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Great luck.