While you’re “exploring” Sunfall, you will automatically receive this sidequest whenever you talk to a woman named Vanasha during a cutscene that happens in Deep Secrets of the Earth. She asks you to meet her outside, in the tent city of the town. When you approach her, a scene will happen automatically, where she will request that you track down Uthid, a Shadow Carja officer that is being hunted as a traitor. Vanasha mentions that he might be hiding out at the Greenclimb and says to look for the Three Dead Trees as a starting spot.

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The Three Dead Trees are located to the northwest of the Unflinching Gate and once you arrive, you uncover some tracks that will lead to handholds. Climb and jump your way to eventually reach the Greenclimb, where you’ll find some food scraps and another trail. Follow this one to find some dead machines, which will attract some Glinthawks. You’ve likely fought plenty of these by now and know that fire arrows will knock them down to the ground, where you are free to whack them with your spear a few times.

Pick up Uthid’s trail again to finally find him, although some mercenaries interrupt your conversation with him. You will be up against some archers, as well as a few melee units. Concentrate on the archers until the melee enemies get into range, although it might be a good idea to shoot them down before they get into range. Once they’re dead, follow Uthid to a wall and press Triangle to climb it with his help. Pick up any supplies you might find, including a Firespitter, as more enemies will show up.


You will have to fight a lot of human enemies (left). Be on the lookout for the melee ones as they close in (right).

This battle is definitely more challenging than the previous, due to two reasons. The enemies have the high ground here, plus there are a lot more melee thugs. Try to find any cover you can from the archers while you pick off each of the melee guys as they get close enough for you to shoot them. When everyone is dead, you’ll need Uthid’s help to reach the next ledge, like last time, where you’ll have to follow him to one last area.

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Here, Bahavas will sic his guards on you, who are elite enemies. One will be equipped with a Firestriker and that’s the one you should kill first. When you do, use his weapon to kill the other two enemies if you wish, then use Uthid’s help to reach Bahavas. After their little chat is over, Vanasha will show up and thank you, as well as brief you on a new quest, which starts as soon as this one is over.