Destiny’s Halloween event, the Festival the the Lost, has actually arrived in Destiny: increase of Iron, and also that means there space a ton of brand-new Halloween themed masks and other points for football player to collect. In this feature, we’ll call you how to get every mask and ornament in the update.

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How to get Every Festival that the shed Item

Getting every one of the new items added with the 2016 Festival the the lost is a full-time gig. Over there are just two means to go about this, and also many football player aren’t walking to like the sound the the second one. The first, will take girlfriend longer, however it won’t expense you any extr cash. We’ve already shown you exactly how to acquire the Superblack Shader, and how to obtain the shed Broom Sparrow, but now it’s time come dive right into the various other items included in the update.

In order to unlock and obtain all of the Festival the the shed items in Destiny: rise of Iron there is no spending any money, head to The Tower and speak to Eva Levante. She’s the NPC who collects all of the satchels of candy and also gives out one of the new quests presented with the Festival of the lost update. She’s additionally the only source of brand-new items for players that don’t want to drop money into Eververse.

By completing the quest that Eva hand out, players will certainly be rewarded with a mask because that each step they complete. Sadly, these aren’t the brand-new masks presented in the latest variation of the festival, therefore players who participated critical year might currently have them. Completing her pursuit will price you through a sweetheart of the Lost, and also players who have multiple personalities can log in on come their other characters and complete the quest to unlock added Treasures that the Lost. Opening these special boxes will give you a possibility at one of the new items presented this year. Various other masks deserve to be purchased from Eva for in-game currency, and also her lineup will readjust each day through a brand-new rotation of masks to purchase.

Players can also earn a brand-new mask by heading to Felwinter Peak’s social area, the steel Temple. As soon as there, walk up the steps and also speak through Tyra Karn to receive the all new Lord Saladin Mask. This one can’t it is in missed, as it is part of a required step in the quest line.

For those v a little more cash to burn, or those that don’t mental dropping some extra dough right into the game, Eververse is a an excellent way to fatten your pack of new items native the Festival the the Lost. To execute this, you’ll should purchase silver- from the Eververse merchant in the stole Temple, the Reef or The Tower. Once you have your Silver, take as numerous Treasure of the lost boxes together you can and then start opening them. The only bad thing about this is that the items room still based ~ above Destiny’s RNG system, so there space no promises on whether you’ll obtain something you already have or not. Sadly, this is the best way to guarantee that you earn the new exclusive Firewolf Mask prior to it leaves the video game forever.

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You can learn an ext about the Festival the the Lost and all the other things that make up Destiny’s latest development by heading over to ours Destiny: increase of iron walkthrough.