On your farm yard you can treatment for a variety of animals. Some of these animals are there to aid you with your chores, when others produce items the you deserve to sell or craft into other objects:


Note: over there are limits to how many barns you deserve to place in each farm yard area based on the square space that the barn takes up.

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Maximum that 12 squares the pet space per area (i.e., 4 pet Houses)West farm yard area: maximum of 35 squares of barn/coop spaceCentral farm yard area: maximum of 33 squares that barn/coop spaceEast farm yard area: preferably of 32 squares the barn/coop space

A little Barn or Coop take away 2 squares that farm room and a large Barn or large Coop take away 9 squares of farm yard space. So because that example, you can have 16 small Barns on your main farm area (2 squares x 16 barns = 32 spaces). However if you had actually 13 little Barns and also wanted to place a huge Barn, the game would respond with a \"You can\"t ar that here\" message, also though you plainly have an are to place the big Barn, because you would be over the 33-square an are limit because that the main farm area (13 x 2 = 26 + 9 = 35). Girlfriend would have to use the west farm yard area if you want to ar 13 tiny Barns and 1 big Barn in the same area, together its maximum space limit is 35 and would organize that plenty of buildings.

Also keep in mind that even if girlfriend don\"t have actually 4 Pet residences (using 8 squares of soil space) laid the end on your farm yard area, friend can\"t usage that unused an are for added animal barns. The Pet residence spaces and the barn spaces space counted separately.

Buying Animals

Your farm comes through a small Barn and a small Coop. There are various styles that barns easily accessible at Ludus\" shop, yet they are just cosmetically different; castle all organize animals and also there\"s no benefit of selecting one form of style over another. A simple Barn or Coop have the right to hold one animal and also a huge Barn or large Coop can hold up to four animals.

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Purchasing animals can be excellent at pet Instinct in Westown or rural Outfitters in Tsuyukusa. Lulukoko does not sell any type of animals.

CowWestown, 5000 GAvailable in ~ the game start
Westown, 5000 GAvailable at the video game start