as HBO"s True Blood barrels headlong toward its second-season finale on Sunday, audiences space on the sheet of your sofas wait to discover out just how Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and her cohorts will survive the wicked chaos summoned by Maryann Forrester. The deliciously decadent and also rather insidious maenad (an immortal follower of Dionysus), played by sci-fi veteran Michelle Forbes (Battlestar Galactica), has been creating a most trouble in Bon Temps, La., this season. (Spoiler alert!)

In her initial guise together a beneficial social worker, Maryann managed to prey on the most fragile in town, including Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley). However now she possesses a magical host on the majority of its denizens as they"re helping she prepare come sacrifice neighborhood bar owner Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) to her god.

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Kinky, violent, seductive and also just plain bizarre: Forbes has played the all as Maryann this season. "I"ve unable to do to some deep and also dark areas where i have had to be reasonably brave in the past, yet it"s constantly been emotionally internal," Forbes claimed in one exclusive call interview with SCI FI Wire. "This is a various animal, but boy, is it fun!"

With Maryann together the instigator of countless a Bon Temps orgy in the last 11 episodes, Forbes claimed that she"s been surprised by everything executive producer Alan round and company have inquiry of her this season. "Before I began the present at the end of last season and I was talk to a director, and also we to be chatting about how far we would certainly go, and he said, "You"ll it is in asked to perform things you"ve never ever been asked before." i remember thinking, "Yeah, sure." I"ve to be asked to do some pretty stunner things. Ns didn"t take it him seriously. But I opened that very first episode because that the second season and also went "Okayyy. Currently I understand what he meant!""


Forbes added: "What"s exorbitant is the everyone is therefore game and fearless ~ above that set that it just galvanizes you and also makes girlfriend excited about being fearless, too. It makes you feel silly if you feel shy. By nature i am a reasonably shy person, but I think Alan and the authors may have actually knocked that shyness appropriate out that me," she said with a laugh.

Fans that Charlaine Harris" novel living Dead in Dallas will know that Maryann is based on the publication character Callisto, who is a comparable supernatural maenad with a dark agenda. Alan Ball decided to tease Maryann"s arrival at the end of season one to set up her expanded arc in season two. Forbes said that she was approached for the role not long after she completed work-related on an additional HBO series, In Treatment.

"I"d heard rumblings about Alan Ball"s brand-new series, but I sort of to walk in rather clueless," the actress said about her audition. "What ns remember most around the meeting, to it is in honest, was that Željko Ivanek was in the wait room, and also I hadn"t checked out him in ages. I was really happy to capture up v him. But I did go in and meet through Alan. It to be mysterious, and it wasn"t clean what or who she was, yet we chatted, and it functioned it out fine, because I gained the speak to later that day."

Her very first scene as Maryann was acquisition a naked, late-night stroll top top a rural road while go a vast pig. Not a negative entrance, yet Forbes claims it didn"t provide her much to work with in terms of character motivation.

As season two has actually evolved, Maryann has because been revealed to it is in the big Bad that the story as she"s manipulated and also possessed the townspeople to provide in to their carnal, simple instincts v wild parties and also hedonistic behavior. With her sexy Grecian togas and sumptuous temptations, Forbes is play the rare function for her—a girlie girl—and she admitted the she love it.

"Finally!" she enthused. "It"s one of two people five-inch heels or ceiling feet, and that sums up Maryann because that me. She either wants her feet steady in the planet or to it is in high in the air. Over there is no middle ground. This gowns and also jewelry, the Maryann hair and makeup, as shortly as the happens, you loss into this environment."

But Forbes admits the was difficult to take on Maryann"s fearless capability to simply let go. "The point that was the most challenging for me come settle right into was Maryann"s freedom," she explained. "She has ultimate freedom, and also strangely that"s a very difficult thing to play. She has actually a various moral construct and a various construct altogether from the rest of us. She is not shackled by any type of of the things that us are bound by."

As the finale looms, the phase is set for one hell of a battle as the only good guys left in Bon Temps—including Sookie, bill (Stephen Moyer), Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) and also Andy—try to stop Maryann and her minions from carving the heart out of Sam so the Dionysus will finally appear. How it will certainly all end Forbes won"t tell, yet she does rank the personality as among her favorites.

"She loves her mischief and also having her fun along the way," Forbes claimed with a laugh. "She has a different understanding of the world and also this details plane. She doesn"t watch an finish in the roadway the method everyone rather does, due to the fact that she has actually no time constraints and no moral constraints. And in playing her the is impossible for me to watch her as a villain. But the same have the right to be said of any character that I have actually played. Admiral Cain , you can say she was a villain, however the beauty, beauty of Ron Moore"s composing is the there to be logic in what she did and said. The thing around Maryann, too, is that the authors have constantly given her a beautiful logic in what she says. I just love the entire story. I had actually no idea where it was going in the beginning. I, however, especially with Maryann, really took pleasure in the feeling of not knowing."