Relive the championship matchup between the challenger Tyron Woodley and also welterweight champion Robbie Lawler native UFC 201.

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Woodley defends his welterweight belt because that the first time versus Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. In the co-main event of the historical UFC 205 map at Madison Square Garden in new York City ~ above November 12, live on Pay-Per-View.

Lawler gone into the fight together the favourite with numerous not count on Woodley to execute on the large stage. Yet how wrong lock were, as Woodley would certainly go on come beat Lawler and also secure the UFC championship through a disastrous stoppage. Developing himself as the really best 170 lb fighter on the planet. And also the win was nice emphatic, together Woodle swarmed the champion.

Tyron Woodley lands The Fight finishing Punch

It showed up for every the civilization that the fight had actually only acquired going. V some exchanges, followed by some wrestling versus the cage. The Champion and challenger were assessing one another’s weapons. As the pair clinched against the cage prior to being conveniently separated through the referee.

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The pair stalked one another, relocating from side to side v neither ready to do the an initial move. Once at almost the halfway suggest of the very an initial round, Tyron charged Lawer, spanning distance quickly and also landing a solid right hand.The blow captured Robbie Lawler do the washing up on the jaw, dropping him come the canvas. Lawler to be badly stunned and also unaware of where he was as soon as in no time Tyron Woodley jumped ~ above his opponent. Finishing him v a flurry the shots to the head. The referee stepped in to wave off the fight together the new champion The liked One was crowned!Woodley celebrated showing his sheer joy at stopping one of the most dangerous battle aircraft in the sport. Someone who countless saw hold the welterweight location for part time, but it was not to it is in on this occasion. And now he to be the recently crowned UFC welterweight champion that the world!

Now it will certainly be as much as the champion to safeguard his crown against the dynamic striker Stephen Thompson. In a clash of formats which will check out the jar karate format fighter acquisition on the wrestler turn striker in Tyron Woodley. And also striking is something he has actually been improving upon each and every time that steps right into the UFC octagon. And so it will certainly be interesting to see just how he performs against the tough to handle layout of Wonderboy Thompson.T:
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