ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight talent Gilbert Burns and also Stephen Thompson will collide this weekend (Sat., July 10, 2021) at UFC 264 inside T-Mobile Arena in ras Vegas, Nevada.

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Burns ascended up the 170-pound ladder with amazing speed, meeting his previous teammate Kamaru Usman because that the title just 4 victories after his weight course switch. Regardless of a solid start, Usman finished up pulverizing “Durinho,” leaving the veteran in real require of a bounce earlier performance. Top top the flip side, “Wonderboy” isn’t every that far off indigenous 40, yet no one appears to have actually told him (except probably Colby Covington). After an odd, arguably ominous streak observed him end up 1-3-1 in five bouts, Thompson has actually rebounded in tremendous fashion, certain piecing up two of the division’s hottest prospects to return to the title mix.

Let’s take it a closer look in ~ the secrets to success for every man:


CHAMPIONSHIP DOUBLEHEADER! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi, united Arab Emirates, on Sat., Oct. 30, 2021, with another blockbuster event, headlined by 2 highly-anticipated people championship bouts. Irradiate Heavyweight champion, Jan Blachowicz, goes because that his second successful title defense when he takes on No. 1-ranked contender, Glover Teixeira. In UFC 267’s co-main event, previous Bantamweight champion and No. 1-seeded contender, Petr Yan, locks horns v No. 3-ranked standout, Cory Sandhagen, for the interim 135-pound belt. And the pay-per-view (PPV)-worthy event will stream because that free on ESPN+!

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Gilbert Burns

Record: 19-4Key Wins: Tyron Woodley (UFC on ESPN 9), Demian Maia (UFC fight Night 170), Gunnar Nelson (UFC hit Night 160), Alexey Kunchenko (UFC fight Night 156), Alex Oliveira (UFC hit Night 62), Olivier Aubin-Mercier (UFC 231)Key Losses: Kamaru Usman (UFC 258), Dan Hooker (UFC 226), Michel Prazeres (UFC hit Night 95), Rashid Magomedov (UFC hit Night 77)Keys to Victory: Over the years, Burns has developed from a grappling professional to a well-rounded threat. At Welterweight, he is proven self a very physical athlete, both with his takedown an abilities and heavy punches.

It is time for someone to yes, really test Thompson’s wrestling skills. Largely, “Wonderboy” has actually been maybe to keep it standing because his an initial professional ns in 2012, however it’s actually been rather some time due to the fact that his takedown defense to be truly tested. Woodley was the many recent wrestling threat, and also he discovered success ~ above the mat, though he didn’t have actually the gas tank to keep that strategy for the full five rounds.

To avoid obtaining stuck at distance v the Karateka, Burns has actually must current a multi-faceted attack. In ~ distance, he need to be kicking Thompson’s calf and also following up with combinations. Cutting turn off the cage must be a significant focus, as should looking to catch kicks and also time twin leg entries beneath punches.

When permitted to pat his game, Thompson is damn-near unbeatable. Burns have to break the mold and also force the fight into other areas, whether it is in the clinch, the pocket or the mat.

Stephen Thompson

Record: 17-4-1Key Wins: Rory mc donalds (UFC fight Night 89), Jorge Masvidal (UFC 217), Robert Whittaker (UFC 178), Vicente Luque (UFC 244), Johny Hendricks (UFC hit Night 82), Geoff Neal (UFC vegas 17)Key Losses: Tyron Woodley (UFC 211), Anthony Pettis (UFC hit Night 148), Darren till (UFC fight Night 130), Matt Brown (UFC 145)Keys to Victory: Thompson is a grasp of his craft. “Wonderboy” moves and manages distance so well, angling off once opponents shot to hit discover him through punches and timing his own counter shots.

In this bout, the imperative the Thompson profit his opponent’s respect early. Burns likes come bully opponents, however as Kamaru Usman demonstrated, that’s much more complicated if his forward progress is being stopped by a stiff jab come the nose. Thompson could take secondary page indigenous Usman’s publication by looking to interrupt Burns’ do the efforts to kick with tough punches.

Otherwise, Thompson’s next kick need to be a very useful weapon here. Burns is a danger striker, however he tends to get in on directly lines, which means Thompson’s side kick will have actually a large target in the center of his opponent’s chest to keep him away.

Bottom Line

This is a major bout at 170 pounds.

Despite Dana White’s comments referring come Colby Covington together the next challenger in line for a shot at Usman’s gold, the bout has actually yet to be announced. Offered that his discussion for one more title possibility is relatively weak, a large win for any top Welterweight competitor could still potentially unseat “Chaos.”

For Burns, that’s unlikely. His bout v Usman was also recent and ended too violently. The will require multiple wins to score a rematch. Thompson, however, has a chance. He’s a fresh match up because that the champion in a department otherwise hampered by rematches, and also a solid performance here against a top-ranked challenger could be simply the push required to actually make the enhance up happen.

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At UFC 264, Gilbert Burns and also Stephen Thompson will certainly go come war. Which guy will knife the victory?