Patrick Cwiklinski and also E. Spencer Kyte are ago with another instalment of your fight picks function in advance of Saturday morning"s UFC struggle Night event from Seoul, south Korea.

will Benson Henderson do it two-in-a-row at welterweight or will fellow former lightweight Jorge Masvidal pull turn off the upset?

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one more week, another collection of predictions, but this time, the fights will happen while most civilization are sleeping.

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Emanating native Seoul, south Korea, Saturday’s occasion on Fight pass kicks off at 2am ~ above the West Coast, through the main card getting under method three hrs later, which method two things:

Face-Punching with breakfast, i m sorry is awesome, and also The show will be done by 10am, which runs a close second to coffee and chokeholds.
I’ve abandoned hope on capturing Patrick in the 2015 key-board Kimura Prediction difficulty – us haven’t ran a tally for months because, well, since he’s crushing me and I don’t have to advertise that every weekend – however that won’t protect against me from showing up to catch an additional ass-whipping here and throughout the remainder of the year.

Let’s do it.

These are the punch Drunk Predictions.

Benson Henderson vs. Jorge Masvidal

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Pat: I actually think this is a mildly an ext interesting fight 보다 the initial offering the Henderson vs. Thiago Alves. Masvidal is a talented vet who move ago to welterweight paid turn off in a major way once he knocked Cezar Ferreira the end in July.

With that in mind, Henderson is not simply a large step up in vain — he’s a huge one. The former UFC lightweight champion is quiet a force to it is in reckoned with and his exceptional short notification dismantling the Brandon Thatch in February do his arrival at welterweight every the much more exciting.

As far as the match-up goes, I think Masvidal is an extremely well-rounded and tough, however Henderson deserve to do everything his enemy can to add more. This won’t be a complete route however Masvidal is walking to have actually a difficult time dealing with Henderson’s flexibility over five rounds and that’ll display in Seoul.


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Prediction: Benson Henderson by Unanimous Decision

ESK: Masvidal is a hard out and hasn’t been stopped in quite some time, for this reason the possibilities are quite high that this one walk the distance. Over 5 rounds, you have to give the edge come Henderson, that has combated to the main event time limit countless times in the past.

Stylistically, this one has the potential to it is in grimy, together Henderson must look to press the pace, work takedowns and try to do damages in fits-and-starts if avoiding any kind of straight up striking battles with “Gamebred.” vice versa, the American peak Team product has actually underrated takedown defence and good hands, and if “Smooth” stands with him, he could potentially piece him up.

My reasoning is Henderson presses the speed from the start and also forces Masvidal to occupational from a defensive stance. As soon as that happens, he tends to obtain frustrated. That need to open the door because that Henderson to put him top top the canvas and also grind him out.


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Prediction: Benson Henderson through Unanimous Decision

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Dominic Waters

Pat:  No disrespect against Dom Waters, however this is going to sound disrespectful. I still consider Kim an upstream member the the UFC welterweight department and ns think Waters is right UFC calibre and is one undercard fighter in ~ best.

Alas, crazy ingredient happens in this sport and he does have tricky height and selection for his foe to transaction with, however this isn’t going to it is in close in my mind. Ns anticipate we view a confident and also fired up Kim that will pressure Waters early and often before landing among those patented Knockout of the Nights we’ve been seeing from that lately.

Prediction: Dong Hyun Kim by KO, round 2

ESK: Fighting at home against a short notification replacement who obtained beaten by decision in his UFC debut? “Stun Gun” need to roll here. No need to say anything more.


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Prediction: Dong Hyun Kim by TKO, round 1

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Alberto Mina

Pat: Akiyama has actually been approximately the block and back and his most recent fight critical year versus Amir Sadollah proved that there’s tho a little bit of struggle in the 40-year-old UFC vet. If Sadollah was a difficult opponent, the was also coming turn off a long hiatus and also Mina — while likewise not having fought for a year — can be a little bit fresher overall.

I view this hit going down among two ways: one of two people Akiyama grinds his method to one more decision win or Mina finishes the struggle early, catching the Japanese MMA star off-guard. While my heart wants to speak Akiyama because that old times’ sake, my brain says Mina aggressively pursues his enemy for the finish.

Prediction: Alberto Mina by TKO, round 1


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ESK: “Sexyama” is in ~ the point where he is picking his spots and only taking fights were he is unlikely come lose. That’s not expected to it is in disrespectful to Mina (or Amir Sadollah prior to him), however this dude is a celebrity in Korea and also Japan and also he’s not stepping into the Octagon come lose.

Additionally, Akiyama confirmed last time that he’s still acquired a little something left. He’s still strong in the clinch and knows how to do the most of his talents. Mina can be a danger on the ground, however I don’t watch him having actually a method to traction the judoka to the canvas and keep him there long-term.

Prediction: Yoshihiro Akiyama by Unanimous Decision

Doo Ho Choi vs. Sam Sicilia

Pat:  “The korean Superboy” Choi impressed v an 18-second knockout that Juan Manuel Puig in his UFC debut earlier in November 2014, however he hasn’t dealt with since and also that worries me, particularly against a seasoned vet like Sicilia.


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I nothing think there’s going to be anything the Sicilia hasn’t checked out in the Octagon that Choi will lug to the table. Pressure is pressure, yet I feeling the Washington indigenous is well-versed sufficient to handle any situation his adversary will throw at him end the course of three rounds.

Prediction: Sam Sicilia by Unanimous Decision

ESK:  Sicilia is hittable and also that doesn’t bode well because that him here, as Choi is far an ext technical and also varied ~ above the stand-up next of things. Unless the Sikjitsu student decides to do this a complete grind and also tries come smother “The oriental Superboy” for three rounds, this might be trouble.

Choi is quicker and also less shopworn, plus he’s fighting on home soil. Include it all up and I watch a second straight end up for the young featherweight.

Prediction: Doo Ho Choi by TKO, ring 2

Preliminary map Picks

Pat:  Collier, De La Torre, Bang, Ham, Serrano, Guangyou, Steele ESK:  Collier, Nam, Bang, Casey, Serrano, Guangyou, Kim

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