UGA large receiver Isaiah McKenzie breaks the handle of Georgia southerly linebacker Ironhead Gallon throughout the first half ~ above Saturday.

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ATHENS – man Theus stated he’s never hit a home run. But as a member the UGA’s attack line, he felt favor he did Saturday night.

On the Bulldogs’ an initial offensive beat of overtime against Georgia Southern, Sony Michel shot through a large hole in ~ left guard and also rambled 25 yards for the game-winning touchdown. The score lifted UGA to a 23-17 win over the Eagles and yanked the Bulldogs indigenous the jaws the disaster.

“I’ve never had a walk-off homer, allow alone a homer, but I have to imagine that would have actually felt something prefer that,” stated Theus, among 30 UGA seniors the played your last video game in Sanford stadion Saturday night. “To acquire your block and then watch Sony run ideal up the middle and go all the means for the touchdown, it’s certainly a great feeling.”

The primary feeling emanating from UGA’s locker room was relief. The Bulldogs trailed your Southern neighbors from the unheralded sunlight Belt Conference 14-7 in the second fifty percent and 17-14 midway v the 4th quarter.

But UGA rallied to get a game-tying field goal indigenous Marshall Morgan through 6:06 come play, staved off a late journey by Georgia southerly to push the game to overtime, climate stymied the Eagles in the extra period to collection up the chance to success the game.

Michel’s 25-yard burst over left guard offered the sophomore tailback 132 yards on 23 carries and also snatched away from mark Richt and his coaching employee from yet an additional crucible.

“It’s both relief and also joy,” Michel said. “It was a chop game, it was an elderly Night, you wanted the seniors to go out v a bang. It was a relief to obtain the victory however it was delight for everyone to gain to celebrate. It to be an awesome feeling.”

While Michel got the late-game glory, Leonard Floyd and UGA’s defense it s okay a most credit for the victory. Floyd, a junior exterior linebacker, had actually three tackles — every for lost yardage — on Georgia Southern’s possession to start the overtime period. And he and senior Jordan Jenkins linked to stop Southern’s L.A. Ramsey because that a three-yard ns on a direct-snap run on fourth-and-1 at the UGA 16.

The victory was the third in a heat for UGA (8-3) and also came on a night riddled v potential distractions. The was senior Night, Uga X was “collared” in pregame ceremonies and Devon Gales, the beloved southerly University player who shed the usage of his legs in a video game here two months ago, do a return visit to present his gratitude because that UGA’s sacrament in response to his an individual tragedy.

But two costly turnovers soon had the Bulldogs establish they to be going to it is in in for a vicious fight come the finish. Isaiah McKenzie coughed up the round on a crushing hit by linebacker Antwoine Williams and Southern cornerback Caleb Williams scooped it approximately return that 65 yards because that a touchdown. That offered the Eagles a 14-7 lead just three minutes right into the second half.

UGA knotted it back up in ~ 14-all on terrycloth Godwin’s diving 11-yard touchdown catch from quarterback Greyson Lambert v 1:23 continuing to be in the third quarter. Climate the Eagles went ago ahead 17-14 top top Younghoe Koo’s 48-yard field goal.

UGA reply on an eight-play, 49-yard drive that finished with Marshall Morgan’s 43-yard ar goal through 6:06 to go. Each team then failed come score on their last two possessions the the game, v the Eagles reaching the UGA 40 and electing to punt on fourth-and-6 v 39 secs to play.

The Bulldogs ended regulation facing second-and-5 in ~ their very own 38 and also chose not to use their final timeout to shot a “Hail Mary” pass.

“I feeling like, ‘let’s just go come overtime and bow our neck and get it,’” mark Richt described later.

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And he was relieved when the Bulldogs did in reality do simply that. “Yeah you feel relief,” the 15-year head coach said. “I feeling relief every time we win. Ns feel thankfulness.”

Richt’s players were emotion the same way.

“It’s a totality lot of joy I hope,” claimed Lambert, that finished v 183 yards ~ above 16-of-25 passing and, again, no interceptions. “They’re a great team, a an excellent team. Lock knocked off Florida a pair of years back and were undefeated in league play critical year. They’re simply as an excellent or better than last year. They’re a an excellent football team and people need to understand that.”