We gon" permit the band attend to thisHa ha, mmm-hmmM-I-A Style, heh, old schoolUh hah..Okay, closeup of the door up!Ah hah, okay, whassup? shut up!Ah hah, okay, whassup? closeup of the door up!Ah hah, okay, whassup? closeup of the door up!Ah hah, okay, whassup? closeup of the door up!Ridin round in my brand brand-new ninety-nine, fo" do", VolvoI obtained a pocket complete of B"s,cocoa weed and ain"t acquired no ar to go tho"But all my Boca guys they understand though, that"s fo" sho" doe(Are those Bugle Boy jeans you"re wearin?)Hell nah hoe, you understand they Polo"sI been offered again, accused again - this timebeen wrong come chop somethin done by one of my union friendsSoon together they watched the Benz, hatin season to be inHell cause they figured me for no understandin they reason beinHeh, but I"m the male for thisWhile y"all was doin fine ns was doin time just, prayin because that thisLocked up, makin plans because that thisWithout every that fancy shit, means too advanced for thisJust Polo socks, tanktops and drawers up under mine pants and also shitShut up!Okay who"s +Da Baddest Bitch+I to be real, been rich, been had this shitBig Benz, big house and also shitThat"s right, it s okay I been down through TrickOkay that make sense to meCause if your money ain"t ideal you speakin French to meMiss Trina don"t play through meOr you have the right to say miss out on Bigg, that"s okay with meYou require a grand simply to speak to meOkay, space you sure you wanna sleep v me?Okay, you better be fo" sho"Cause i done left niggaz like you grounding befo"Okay, you deserve to ball through meSince you got a warm knot invest it all with meOkay, y"all recognize what"s upOkay, uh huh, ns ride, shut up!This goes out to my niggerolesand them pretty ass jazzy hoes, bitch what"s upC-O obtained a verse in the +Book that Thugs+So once I come through bitch show me loveIf you bout the flow, then raise it upYou gained that funk, climate blaze that upI got two mo"s of lock phat hoes,late night and I prepared to bustAre you okay? Look prefer you gained a lot to sayOkay, come widditNiggaz store hidin her hoes, what you perform that fo"Me and also Money note been excellent hit itBeen done split it - it s okay playboy? posesthe you say boy?Don"t even much carry your hoe "round CNiggaz y"all better quit fuckin through meShut up!Lay down, playboy what"s upWhat around the slugs in your head and also your gutWhat"s up through the secrets to the truckYour very own nigga to speak you acquired B"s in the cutWhat"s up with the safe, what the comboOpen that shit nigga fuck every the convo-sationWhat"s increase wit"cha HaitianProbably got birds in ~ the safehouse, waitinWhat"s up, whereby you save the D?I ain"t discovered shit however a 4 minutes 1 kiNigga ya far better not be playin meYou gon" bleed to death, you know me?Whassup, space you ready to go?You ready to tongue kiss with the blue fo"fo"?What"s increase fuck nigga to speak somethinSet your crime, we all set to spray somethinGun play, how I gained the stripes2-4-K turned the end the lightsGun play, how I gained the stripes2-4-K turned out the lights