Is the Megabus stop on van Buren St., between S. Canal St. And S. Clinton St in a for sure area, and is over there easy access to cabs and/or the Metro?


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It's typically safe. You'll be through others additionally waiting for the bus. The CTA Clinton blue line train terminal is nearby. Google Maps will show you the way.

I drive previous in the evenings sometimes, lots of world waiting. Just as one fyi, we don't usage the term metro below when referring to the Cta, Metra is the suburban train system so if you usage metro when you really typical the subway (or El), you could get directed to the not correct place.

Safe. Busy during the day, empty at night; it's lonely yet safe. Use your city smarts. Have Google maps on her phone. You won't it is in the only person using the Megabus at every little thing time friend arrive/leave. Union station is a block north and also there room plenty that cabs top top Canal St. The Blue heat (CTA) subway is a block south on Clinton.

Its safe. Store in mind this are significant transportation centers and have police and also security presence. Simply use usual sense as you would all over else.

I will certainly be arriving on a bus at 9:45 at night ~ above a weekday and also have a friend picking me up. Is there a surrounding area I have the right to walk to the is safe to be choose up from?

Where the bus allows you turn off on Canal Street. Hopefully your friend knows just how to use the one-way streets approximately Union Station.

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Polk St? as soon as did they move there? I believed they preferred to remain close to train train station or other bus stations.

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