We provide honor and also recognition events to give thanks to our veterans. We execute this since they tell united state the gratitude, the honor, the acknowledgment for their service helps castle heal. Isn’t that inspiring? A say thanks to you have the right to mean for this reason much.

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This is why we host Arizona’s biggest parade occasion each year—the Phoenix Veteran’s work Parade. Glowing with tributes, recognition and also healing, this occasion is special to our veterans and our community. We’re not protecting against there, we also hope to create other occasions to help us support this mission. And also you have the right to help!

Join 45,000 specatators in main Phoenix because that this year’s parade. Let’s celebrate our veterans and patriotism!

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Our heroes require your support, and also it’s essential as us revitalize our efforts and also get earlier to in-person events.

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Our events are made feasible by countless participants, thousands of volunteers, and dozens of sponsors.

You can make a difference!

“At Honoring America’s Veterans, the is crucial for us to support our nation’s heroes v honor and recognition events. Ours veterans tell united state these events aid them heal. We execute so through honoring, celebrating, and also recognizing lock for your military organization to ours country.”

Paula PedeneExecutive Director, Honoring America’s Veterans
“When we came ago from the oriental War, anyone turned their earlier on us. It was very complicated and an extremely painful, and I lugged that burden for over 60 years. And now, many thanks to my experiences with the Phoenix Veterans job Parade, I’m really proud to say the demon is gone. I am really grateful because that the healing the Parade provided to me, and I will certainly owe castle a blame of gratitude because that the rest of my life.”

Pete HaasPurple love Recipient, korean War Veteran

“I served In the marine from 1994 till 2007. Personally, the Phoenix Veterans job Parade aided me identify what had actually happened to me throughout my service and to aid me heal. The Parade assisted me acquire past the hurt. The ar gratitude the Parade provides heals us. Indigenous cannot explain it.”

April WiseUS navy Veteran
“As the world cheer and support you along the parade route, it provides you the confidence the what you did to offer mattered. Action by step along the route, it to be a healing occasion for me.”

Pete HegsethOperation Iraqi freedom Bronze Star Recipient, US army Veteran






CORPORATE PARADE ENTRYIf you’d like your organization to have actually a float, balloon, vehicle, marching team or other type of joining in the parade, we have a very restricted number of avenues available. Ask around our silver Star sponsorship. It contains a parade entry, an ad in the parade program, overcome to parade VIP seating, seats at the parade success party, a logo design on parade volunteer t-shirts and also our website, and a verbal say thanks to you by announcers throughout the parade.

It’s one incredible possibility to showcase her employee veterans and patriotism!

Find our 2020 digital Veteran’s job Celebration here, in addition to other exclude, content.

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Last year’s parade to be virtual, however we fully expect the 2021 parade come hit the highways in well style, prefer usual. We’ll allow you know if noþeles changes!

HAV will certainly be hosting the Phoenix Veteran’s job Parade top top Thursday, November 11, 2021.

Did you understand it was an initial known as Armistice Day, in respect of the signing that the Armistice come end human being War I?

If friend or someone you love is a armed forces veteran, please sign up with us and share your gratitude on our virtual ‘Thank you Veterans’ wall. Friend can affix with us on Facebook and also Instagram, sign us, and also share what the speak “Thank friend Veterans” method to you.

#thankyouveterans #ourheroestheirstories

To honor and recognize our veterans for their service and also to assistance them together they reintegrate ago to civilian life.

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The Phoenix Veteran’s work Parade is managed and also presented by Honoring America’s Veterans, Inc.