The wade Dead season 6’s 2nd episode was packed with interesting looks at this season’s brand-new villains, after the premiere ended with a horn transforming the horde of walkers towards Alexandria. We’ve placed together 10 facts to learn much more about the Wolves, who look to be the main villains in The walking Dead season 6.

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We witnessed the sculpted W’s top top the heads of walkers in Walking Dead season 5, and there was speculation the it can be the wolves from the comics. Climate it was strongly hinted at when Morgan met a couple guys he take it down v his Jedi pole (who he then ran into again in season 6, illustration 2).

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Now that the Wolves have actually brutally attacked Alexandria in illustration 2, the villains that our Walking Dead heroes will certainly be up against have to be confirmed. We’ve put together a list of some facts around the villains indigenous The walking Dead comics, and who the main villain could become despite what appeared to it is in a failed (first) attack.

We can’t possibly recognize what the showrunners will perform with the Wolves’ storyline, therefore it’s feasible our theories aren’t completely correct. The Wolves could be a mix of teams from the comics that will be provided throughout The wade Dead season 6.

We’ve included some more information about The go Dead season 6’s human being villains, the Wolves, below:


Fact: The Wolves room most likely The Scavengers.What the means: They top to Alexandria after they hear the shot native Rick and also saw a lot of the group leave.

The Wolves are most likely The Scavengers indigenous The walking Dead comic book. Lock are simply as they’re named: scavengers that hear the shot stack puts into the head the Peter and also head toward Alexandria come scavenge what they have the right to when most of the team leave. They saw what appeared to be a weak time because that the group, but they didn’t understand the deadly ninja Carol to be still home.

The biggest hint to this is that us see one of the Wolves’ members try to steal all of Morgan’s gear at the beginning of season 5’s finale. He claims he wants every drop indigenous his cup, and also he’ll be taking Morgan too, until Morgan whoops his and his buddy’s ass. We watch this male again and also Morgan shows up to death him this time, yet we don’t however know.

Fact: The wolves hear the shot rick fires and also go come Alexandria.What the means: as soon as they arrive, they’re maybe to assault a weakened Alexandria.

The Wolves jump the gateways of Alexandria and start killing anyone they see. They didn’t seem to care about anyone in ~ all, and also only want to steal what remained in Alexandria.

Fact: A horde of walkers top to Alexandria due to the Wolves’ van horn.What that means: The walkers quickly come to be a significant problem again.

In the comics after ~ the Wolves are shot in former of the gates, a horde of walkers comes toward Alexandria, leading to mayhem, however in the display we watch that it’s the truck’s horn the the wolves used. The pedestrian horde will many likely proceed toward Alexandria, and it looks choose it may reason everyone to leave the town.

Fact: Negan must appear, and also is viewed as the baddest rogue ever.What it means: We’ll most likely see some of our favorite characters get smashed through a baseball bat.

Once this bring away place, this is most likely where the rogue Negan will certainly be contained into the rogue group and also he…does some damages to among the main personalities (he takes a liking come a barbwire-wrapped baseball bat). He might not display up soon, or we may get a glimpse of the in the next few episodes. He could have even been the human being who sent out the strike on Alexandria.

Fact: The Scavengers room actually a small component in the comic.What it means: This way they’ll most likely be an unified with The Saviors.

The Scavengers don’t pat a huge part in the comics, for this reason most most likely they’re walk to it is in grouped with each other in the present with The Saviors, i beg your pardon is Negan’s group. This will most likely be just how the present turns the Wolves into a larger component of the show, by combining them through Negan and The Saviors.

Fact: The Saviors favor to usage walkers together weapons.What the means: few of our beloved team members might get bitten.

Another factor why us think The Saviors will be combined with the wolf is due to the fact that they favor to usage walkers as weapons, similar to the governor. And we’ve checked out all the walkers v the “W” sculpted into their heads, including all the wolves themselves, for this reason this team that’s after Alexandria is going to proceed to reason trouble.

Fact: The “W” clues the Wolves’ territory.What the means: We’re walk to watch many more people and also walkers through “W” sculpted into your foreheads.

The factor they note “W” ~ above the top of walkers is to mark their territory, since there end up gift multiple locations somewhat like Alexandria, where human being are surviving relatively well, and also even doing some trading in between each other. If the team ends up having actually to leave Alexandria, this may be just how they run into these fragmented groups of people.

Fact: The Wolves will be well-organized.What the means: They’ll usage walkers to safeguard themselves and their homebase.

We’ve watched truck trailers filled to the brim v walkers, i beg your pardon is The Saviors’ style, and also they provided music to lug them back into the trailers. They additionally chain walkers to fences inside and outside that the entrances to protect themselves. They’re well-organized, in spite of not gift a large group, and we should see your base at part point. It won’t specifically look choose Alexandria’s friendly gates.

Fact: Negan will certainly be the main villain, regardless of not gift a member that the Wolves.What that means: There will certainly be blood.

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Negan, the group’s leader, will most likely be the main villain in The walking Dead season 6, and he enjoys wrecking people’s top in v a baseball bat. He tells his team members to soak their weapons in walker guts and blood, so the if any part of their weapons hit someone, they’ll turn. He’s often seen together the many brutal rogue in the whole comic.

Do girlfriend think the Wolves will certainly be the significant villains in The go Dead season 6? room they a combination of The Scavengers and Negan’s Saviors and will they it is in the end of Alexandria together we know it?

Let us recognize what friend think around ‘The walking Dead’ season 6’s brand-new villains.walking dead comics wolves