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The wade Dead: The Telltale collection - A new Frontier illustration 4: 'Thicker than Water' Review
By Jonathon Dornbush
As its surname suggests, The walking Dead: A brand-new Frontier’s 4th episode, “Thicker 보다 Water,” confronts Javi through the principles of whether the bonds of blood or friendship are more important to him. Unfortunately, the path getting to those decisions prior to the strong ending is much less enjoyable than lot of this season has been therefore far.

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“Thicker 보다 Water” hurtles forward v the failure idea that Joan, the villain introduced in illustration 3, is a pressure to it is in reckoned with. She remains so undeveloped that her huge moments in ~ the start and also end that the episode repaint her as little much more than the standard Walking Dead caricature of a villain. She basically exists as a plot device to reflect few of Javi’s options in the last couple of episodes. Considering the back and soon of Javi’s antagonistic partnership with his brothers David, Joan’s prompt rise to prominence in the plot feels much less organic in the incorporation.

Another area in which this episode fell quick of mine expectations to be in how we’re enabled to shape and also develop Javi’s near relationships. A new Frontier has been effective with that depiction until now, especially with David. But the bonds that have mattered many to me, both that blood and of water, space the the very least emphasized in illustration 4. Javi and also Kate get great moments together, structure off of three episodes the romantic buildup in between the two, but she’s practically nonexistent because that two-thirds that “Thicker than Water.” in ~ one point a character has to go to one more room to speak to her in, and I practically laughed in ~ the realization the she’d been absent for together a mundane stretch.

The same goes because that Javi and Clementine’s bond. The two share comparably so small screentime in the episode, with Clem’s flashback when again being one of the many superfluous moments of any kind of given episode. I love their dynamic, but with an episode light on tense sequences, their main interaction in “Thicker than Water” doesn’t fairly live as much as the bond it is been built in the last 3 episodes.

The episode mostly dips from there, though, kicking off v a boring eco-friendly puzzle and also only briefly emotional upon the more interesting personalities in Javi’s life, like Kate and also Clem. Instead, “Thicker 보다 Water” spends much an ext time than crucial on the continually unlikeable Gabe. While i have cared about Javi in his role as surrogate parent, i’ve consistently found Gabe come fit snugly in the annoying teen stereotype found on virtually every TV drama. Unfortunately, an extended duration with him and Javi just exacerbates the difficulty of his presence. The episode also gives time end to Ava, Tripp, and Eleanor, who, when fine secondary characters in their very own right, feel more like diversions from what’s really functioning this season quite than safety aspects. Every time I was in a scene with them i wished it might have been used to far better explore Javi and Clem’s partnership, or Javi and also Kate’s duties as parents.

Luckily, the episode’s bombastic last third brings whatever to a head, ramping up the tension and also stress that much of the episode coming before it lacks. Richmond descends right into chaos not due to the fact that of walkers, but because of the world there. (Though a walker horde suddenly appearing outside the city’s walls is one more element come the illustration shoved in to do the plot relocate along properly.) the chaos is thrilling to navigate as destruction rains under upon Richmond and also Javi’s life.

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“Thicker 보다 Water,” other than its to solve ending, is the season’s weakest episode yet. Tiny that precedes the action-packed conclusion feels prefer it has much, if any, load to the ongoing story ns invested in — specific Javi’s life and his relationships with Kate, Clem, and David. Ns absolutely ~ above the hook because that the season finale after ~ that strong start and also thrilling ending — I just wish everything before it hadn’t felt therefore thin.