The Springfields were a Peter, Paul & Mary-style folk trio of Dusty Springfield (later a solo star), her brothers Tom, and also their friend Tim Field. The track was initially recorded through Wanda Jackson in 1956 - it to be the first single for the rockabilly singer. The Springfields heard Jackson"s version and also recorded your own. Their version is very early example the folk-pop, complete with a jangly guitar solo.

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Some of the plenty of artists come cover this song incorporate The Cowsills, The Everly Brothers, Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt and Johnny Rivers. Right here are the versions that charted top top the US warm 100:Jody fearbut (#54, 1965)The Cowsills (#74, 1969)Linda Ronstadt (#67, 1974)
The Springfields released the effective singles "Breakaway" and "Bambino" in the UK prior to issuing "Silver subject and gold Needles" over there in April 1962. It was a flop there, however when it was released in America as their very first single in July 1962, it became a Stateside hit. When the album was released in the US, the was named after this track, but in the UK it was dubbed Kinda Folksy
.The Springfields failure to make the US height 40 v any much more songs, yet did have more UK success with the hits "Island the Dreams" (#5), "Say i Won"t it is in There" (#5) and also "Come top top Home" (#31).

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Teek from Cincinnati OhThe warmth glow of your "wine"Ron native British ColumbiaI would certainly bet my net worth (not considerable) that ns was hearing this song sung through the Springfields when I was a small kid in Ottawa, Canada in 1957. Can be smokin" however that"s how I mental it. Still mine favourite version.Babbling Babette from Tulsa OkWonderful memories v this hit from 1962 by The Springfields. Ns bought their single in "62 since of the vocals & important backing. Dusty Springfield woud collection the people afire a couple of years later!! Much later I heard many other versions, but my favorite is still by Linda Ronstadt. On the Springfields" fight the label shows songwriting credits go to Reynolds & Rhodes, just as says. Also, mine Dad to be a huge Wanda Jackson fan (she was from Oklahoma) due to the fact that she to be the major female absent & roller in the 1950s & he still own her solitary of this song. I believe Dad said it was from 1956. That was the very first known record of the track too & the brand on Jackson"s solitary still attributed songwriting come Reynolds & Rhodes. The Springfields" solitary has a great guitar-break. Peter native AustraliaThis is a great gold oldie.Barry native Sauquoit, NyOn June 20th 1965, Jody Miller"s spanned version that "Silver subject and golden Needles" gotten in Billboard"s hot Top 100 graph at position #94; eventually it peaked in ~ #54 and spent 6 main on the optimal 100...In 1969 the Cowsills covered the song, lock peaked in ~ #74 on the top 100; and in 1974 Linda Ronstadt exit her version of the song, she reached #20 on the Billboard"s Hot nation Singles chart and #67 ~ above the peak 100...Then in 1993 Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn covered it and they reached #68 top top the nation chart.Keith native Rochester, NyI personally favor the Linda Ronstadt version best.Kay native Columbia , AlMy father BC Money Jr. Composed this song for a challenge as a child and was never ever contacted.Ray from Edinburgh, unified KingdomThere is additionally a lovely slow version that this song by the late female vocalist Sandy Denny and her band Fotheringay. The was taped in 1970 but not produced until 2008 ~ above the album Fotheringay 2.Lezlee Liljenberg native Arlington, TxMy an excellent uncle, dick Reynolds, created this song and also I am working on a publication to call his story. It is so complete of history you would love it-He was an alcoholic and amazingly talented yet never was able to pull it together. Look because that the book out next year entitled "Silver object and gold Needles" This track was written about his finance that broke up v him. His only love and he never recovered, for this reason sad!Bill native Ft. Myers, , FlI donate the Skeeter Davis version.Steve indigenous Gaithersburg, MdThe song was composed by Jack Rhodes and also Dick Reynolds and also recorded by rockabilly good Wanda Jackson earlier in 1956. Jackson is taken into consideration to it is in the first great female absent & role artist.Don from mountain Jose, CaThis good song was also recorded by Skeeter Davis and also Lynn Anderson, both very good renditions.Don, mountain Jose, CAJeri indigenous Schenectady , NyIf you have the right to handle country, Loretta Lynn likewise did a great version of the song. That"s the very first one i heard to tell the truth!Dana from Albany, NyLinda Ronstadt taped a tear-up variation of "Silver object and gold Needles" on she 1973 album, "Don"t Cry Now".see more comments
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