The drow sorcerer’s Tsabrak Xorlarrin channeled the Darkening upon the silver- Marches under the order of Lolth in order come prepare because that the war.Soon, in the loss of 1484 DR, the drow minions the Quenthel Baenre incited the frost giants of the glowing White and two white dragons, Arauthator and also Aurbangras, to ally through the orcs of the Kingdom that Many-Arrows, whereby the warmonger Hartusk obtained the power.So a big army the orcs and drow, supported by frost giants and also white dragons, struck the silver Marches in the war of the silver- Marches.Несме - Nesme was destroyed by an orc horde led through Tiago Baenre talk the white dragon Arauthator<3> and also Сандабар - Sundabar was conquered by an orc military commanded by the warlord Hartusk and also renamed Hartusk Keep. Every dwarfholds in the area— Цитадель Адбар - Citadel Adbar Цитадель Фелбарр - Citadel Felbarr and МИФРаЛоВЫЙ ЗАЛ - Mithrall hall —and later additionally Серебрянная Луна - Silverymoon to be besieged.During the fight of the Cold Vale, Bromm, among the twin queens of Цитадель Адбар - Citadel Adbar, was tricked by the half-drow Doum'wielle Armgo and beheaded by Hartusk.

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HistoryThe drow wizard Tsabrak Xorlarrin channeled the Darkening upon the silver Marches under the assignment of Lolth in order to prepare for the war.<2>Soon, in the autumn of Year the the Awakened Sleepers, 1484 DR, the drow minions of Quenthel Baenre incited the frost giants of the Shining White and two white dragons, Arauthator and Aurbangras, to ally with the orcs of the Kingdom that Many-Arrows, whereby the warmonger Hartusk gained the power.<3>So a big army of orcs and also drow, supported by frost giants and also white dragons, attacked the silver Marches in the war of the silver- Marches.<3>Nesmé was destroyed by one orc horde led by Tiago Baenre riding the white dragon Arauthator<3> and Sundabar was conquered by one orc army commanded through the warlord Hartusk and also renamed Hartusk Keep. All dwarfholds in the area—Citadel Adbar, Citadel Felbarr, and Mithril Hall—and later on also Silverymoon<4> were besieged.<3>During the Battle of the Cold Vale, Bromm, one of the twin kings of Citadel Adbar, was tricked by the half-drow Doum'wielle Armgo and attach by Hartusk.<3>At last, in the feather of 1485 DR, Bruenor controlled to hold together all the dwarven forces to retake the River Surbrin bridge indigenous the pressures of Many-Arrows. In the sky over the battle, Drizzt Do'Urden and Afafrenfere on the copper dragons Ilnezhara and Tazmikella confronted Tiago Baenre and Tos'un Armgo on the white dragon Arauthator and Aurbangras, leaving Tos'un and also Aurbangras dead and Arauthator in retreat.<5>Then, in Flamerule, Bruenor supplied the dwarven Ritual that the March and regulated to conquer Dark arrow Keep, restoring the to Lorgru, its proper ruler, and also defeating Hartusk's remaining armies.At last, through the backing of Jarlaxle, utilizing Drizzt together a conduit, the turncoat drow archmage Gromph Baenre dispelled the Darkening, disguising the act together the strength of Mielikki.

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<6>Джерело: xxxxxWar that the silver MarchesBasic InformationLocationThe NorthDate1484–1485 DRHistoryOutcomePyrrhic victory for the Silver MarchesKingdom of Many-ArrowsSilver MarchesDrow of Menzoberranzan and Q'XorlarrinVarious frost giant tribes (deceived)Two white dragonsCombatantsHartuskDrizzt Do'UrdenTiago BaenreBruenor BattlehammerArauthatorSinnafeinCommandersHartuskNesmé destroyedTiago BaenreSundabar heavily damagedxxxxxThe battle of the silver- Marches to be a conflict versus orcs and also dark elves in the Year of the steel Dwarf’s Vengeance (1485 DR). The an initial stirrings of war started when the drow sorcerer’s Tsabrak Xorlarrin channeled the Darkening top top the silver- Marches under the orders of the drow goddess Lolth. Quickly after, the drow priestess Quenthel Baenre sent out her minions to convince the frost giants of the shining White, and also the white dragon Arauthator and also Aurbangras, to ally with the orcs the the Kingdom the Many-Arrows. This huge army of orcs and drow, sustained by frost giants and also ice dragons, attacked the silver- Marches in the fall of 1484 DR. The war lasted almost a year and many human and also dwarven settlements and also stronghold to be besieged—some, such as Nesmé, to be utterly destroyed. Once the drow forces took Silverymoon, complied with by a series of shed battles, it appeared that the war had been well and truly lost.However, in the spring of 1485 DR, Bruenor Battlehammer, the king the Mithral Hall, controlled to unite the dwarven pressures of the north to take back the river Subrin bridge from the pressures of Many-Arrows. This, together with an air fight fought and also won by the famed hero of the phibìc Drizzt Do’Urden, adjusted the birds of the war. Shortly after, Bruenor conquered Dark arrow Keep and also defeated the staying armies. The Darkening to be dispelled, and the battle was over.Not surprisingly, the war had actually a lasting influence on the North, reaching past even the urban of the silver- Marches. The war did lot to stir increase virulent anti-drow and also anti-orc sentiment among the usual folk, and the high number of casualties left a pallor end the entire North and also some the the knife Coast. Numerous veterans of the war returned house to find that also though only a year had actually passed, the life they had actually known now seemed completely different, at time intolerable. Some, such together the cultivation Hand that the rising Sun, were able to capitalize on this malaise and uncertainty, pushing a dangerous and also fanatical worldview.