OverviewWatchtowers show up on the an international map that you should visit in order to gain accessibility to brand-new areas. Over there is one Watchtower that is unlocked ~ above the left side at the start of the game. Repairing the Watchtower requires the electrical Generator and unlocks the Northern region and Winter Zones. A chopper is required to supply the Generator come the watchtower.

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This is a resource-intensive task, therefore make sure you perform it when you have actually a appropriate amount of list space.


First friend must gain the Chopper, once you have actually that, work-related on combining the materials to rally the electric Generator.

To unlock generator, friend will should be level 48 and 2 do points. The materials to placed it in your base is:

10 stole Plate15 Bolts5 Aluminium Bar5 Wrench

Bolts can be discovered from farming places like jaw Oak or Limestone Ridge. Iron Plates have the right to be crafted via stole Bars top top the Workbench. Wrench is obtained by law Bunker Alfa. As for Aluminium bars, girlfriend will must farm the second and 3rd levels that Bunker Alfa because that it.

After that, you will must assemble that unfortunately. The products you require are:

40Gasoline15Aluminium Plate10Wrench15Rubber Parts20Ball Bearing30Iron Plate40Duct Tape25Wiring5Engine Part50Bolts

Upon completing the electrical Generator, usage the chopper to take the it to the WatchTower.

Warning: You will certainly be swarmed ~ above activation of the generator.

Types of Monsters

Fast BiterFloater BloaterToxic Abominations

Now there space 2 phases that the very first Watchtower on the left side of the map. It offers you

Equipment to BringChopperModified-M16Electric GeneratorCrowbar4 steel HatchetsThe Guide

First you desire to uncover the Watchtower, friend will need Iron Hatchet"s to take the end the 4 Oak trees follow me the suburbs of the watchtower, and also any the the jaw trees. Once you"re within the watchtower, there is a gate that requires a Crowbar to rest in.

Once you"re inside you will have to attend to a the majority of zombies, this varieties from fast biters, floaters, and toxic abominations. Girlfriend will should clear the area first before you continue with making, and also delivering the generator come the Watchtower.

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If friend don"t have it already, occupational on acquiring the Chopper. ~ you have actually the chopper, work on assembling all the parts for the electric Generator. Go the generator to the chopper, climate ride come the watchtower and also unload it on the Watchtower. A moment after you begin the generator you will certainly be swarmed by zombie so kill what you can, however you will likely need to kite them approximately the base. After that, her map shall expand and show friend even an ext areas.