It"s been practically five months since T-shirts became another chapter in the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry.

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Korked Baseball suddenly uncovered itself embroiled in a minor conflict as Busch stadium ushers wouldn"t allow Cubs fans go into wearing the "Try not to suck" Cubs T-shirts in St. Louis due to the fact that of the tardy the expression was offensive.

Joe Maddon offered his platform with the Chicago media to concern the decision of the Busch officials, and also the Cardinals ultimately relaxed and also decided to permit the T-shirts into the ballpark.

And hence the "Try no to suck" project had found all the fuel that needed and also the fire is tho burning solid as the Cubs invade Busch stadium again Monday night.

"No much better publicity 보다 being refuse to wear that in a specific ballpark," Maddon said. "I thought that was great. The minute I heard around it, i said, "Man, the sales are going to run really good from that particular moment."

It was earlier in January once the slogan began to take shape as a fan asked Cubs infielder Javy Baez in ~ Cubs Convention what advice Maddon gave when Baez do his season debut in September 2015:

"Try not to suck," to be Baez"s answer, prompting an uproar within the jam-packed Sheraton grand Chicago ballroom. 

"I remember him sitting there in that tiny office in the old clubhouse," Maddon said, "and he"s sitting over there right across the workdesk there and also just trying to loosen him increase a little bit. I knew about his previous - I got to recognize him; i went to view him down in Puerto Rico a couple years ago - and also I just wanted to try and relax him a little bit.

"That"s what that"s every about. Us all, together professionals, one of the main things you execute on a day-to-day basis is shot not come embarrass yourself. So how do you carry out that? through trying no to suck.

"Take it v a irradiate heart. ... I desire them to simply go the end there and also play choose they"re in little League. Favor a bunch of youngsters having a great time. Don"t worry about making mistakes."

After Baez made that picture story public in ~ Cubs Convention, Cubs hitting coach man Mallee and also Korked Baseball co-founder Joe Ferro (who puts on hitting clinics v Mallee about the nation over the winter) decided to take that catchy phrase and also create a T-shirt.

Maddon and also the Cubs football player sported the T-shirts in spring training and also the publicly ate that up.

The Korked guys created an entire series of "Maddonisms," consisting of "Do basic better," "Embrace the target" and "If you look hot, stay it."

"The website officially introduced on march 4 and on march 6, the whole Cubs team to be wearing the "Try not to suck" shirt," Korked co-founder Jacob Chandler said. "It simply skyrocketed. Us didn"t expect to do half of what we"ve excellent this year. It"s just blown up.

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"It"s elevated a many money for charity, which is yes, really the greatest thing we"re pushing because that - elevating money for other charities."

Check out the entire collection top top KorkedBaseball.com, which help raise money for Maddon"s Respect 90 foundation.