I recently had actually the pleasure of speaking through funny lady Wendi McLendon-Covey around her endure on Bridesmaids and her upcoming TV projects, Rules that Engagement and I dislike My Teenage Daughter. You can read the an initial half of ours interview here, however with the premiere of Rules hitting the tiny screen this Saturday, Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, we thought you might enjoy a small scooplet about what you have the right to expect to see from this comedy queen top top the CBS series, her spot on a brand-new Fox show, and perhaps (if she gets she way) a cameo on a specific beloved, madcap sitcom end on NBC…

What’s it like on set Rules of Engagement>? and can friend tell us about your character?

Well, I had actually a nice tiny arc last season as a former coworker that Megan Price’s character. She’s sort of a sad sack. She has actually seven cats, likes to talk around her lactose intolerance, and also doesn’t understand why she doesn’t have actually a boyfriend! girlfriend know, she’s one of those. And she’s really fun, and she’s really gross. And also I love it. She’s always dressed badly, and it’s always like, “Oh, what carry out I obtain to undertake this week? something hideous? Great. I love it.” mine character, though, had a fling with David Spade’s character last season. Over there was sort of a small cliffhanger regarding what would happen when the season ended. Well, it turns out, we kind of…accidentally gained married. Top top a cruise. For this reason this season is, perform we continue to be married? how do we make this work? since he no me! i’m a genuine pain in the ass. But does he gain on board? he keeps make the efforts to gain it annulled in the beginning, yet I will have actually none that that. And I save sucking him into my web. And also the first episode is pretty cursed funny, i’ve gotta say. October 8, they switched your night come Saturday night. For this reason October 8, it has its season premiere, and also it is hysterical. There’s pictures of it online on the CBS website. And it is — I can’t think it myself. Very funny.

I really look front to that! I believe you have actually other TV tasks coming up as well. I dislike My Teenage Daughter?

Yes. I’ll play the principal. I guess it is a recurring role. I go in on Saturday to movie my very first episode on that. That’s gunna it is in fun. Ns play the primary of the teenage daughters’ school, yet she used to antagonize your mothers once they to be in high school.


Yeah…that’ll it is in fun. The summer fear that i’m imagining.

A lot of of human being know friend from Reno 911!, type of the mockumentary style. Is your process different, or is the experience a lot various from once you’re working on a sitcom versus something in the style?

Yeah, it is different, ‘cause you have to really hit her marks and also do things the best way, whereas on Reno, the didn’t need to look good. Girlfriend know, that was supposed to it is in shaky camerawork and whatever—that was claimed to look choose Cops. So, girlfriend wouldn’t need to do multiple takes of things, because nobody cared what it looked like. That was real easy to edit that way. So yeah, the process is an extremely different that way. And also of course, as an improviser, from functioning on Lovespring global and Reno, of course ns love to simply go ~ above my very own exploration. Yet no, you have to memorize her lines as written. For this reason yeah, the is a little different. However it’s fun.

Are there any kind of shows friend would want to guest star on the you i can not use yet?

oh my gosh, if I could be on 30 Rock, mine life would be made. The is my favorite show. My absolute favorite show.

Do you have actually a favourite Liz Lemonism?

Um…let’s see…I mostly have Tracy Morganisms. Or Tracy Jordan.

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“Heavy is the head the eats the crayons.” therefore good.