Fans the Twilight are dubbed Twi-hards, fans of Glee are referred to as Gleeks, what room fans of bother Potter called? any kind of suggestions?

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I love how human being generally expropriate that twilight fans space twi-hards! That's an insult people, a pat on the expression 'try-hards'!


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I recall seeing reference to Potterheads. However, because non-fans room Muggles, then probably we space witches and also wizards. Thus, the first Potterhead in a family members is Muggle-born and their descendants are half-bloods. A Potterhead from a family members of Potterheads is a pureblood. Need I say more?
I choose Pottergirls because that girls who like Harry Potter. Thats what me and my friends in ~ school contact ourselves. At my school, you"re one of two people a Pottergirl or a Twi-hard.
Exactly. As I stated on the other answer, "I've heard it as "Potterheads", i m sorry is a pat on "Potheads" prefer "Gleek" is a pat on "Geek". "
I like to think us are referred to as "scarheads", which is a surname Draco dubbed Harry in the very first Book i believe.
Potterhead it might not it is in origianal yet its me and also for your info Gunger gamings fans space Panamaniacs not gamers!!!
Depends what residence your forHufflepuff= hufflepuffleSlytherin= slytherwinsRavenclaws= ravenflawsGriffindors= griffindorks
Well,the nickname is well and truly "Potterheads"But some civilization call "Scarheads" or "Wizkids"Or possibly we have the right to simply call ourselves a "witch" or a "wizard"that is pretty much the same! :-)
I don"t understand I do like the idea that being referred to as muggle borns pureblood and half bloods and the houses I don"t really favor being referred to as potterheads
Definitely Potterhead… and call the unbelievers, muggles…the yes, really unworthy ones; mudbloods..(bad) if they yes, really deserve that though…
It"s potterhead.... There are expansions for example if you have actually read every the books and watched all the movie you"re a pure blood. As such those who have only watched the movie or just read the publications are fifty percent bloods. Those who have actually never read the publications or watched the movies are muggles. Those who have read all the books and also watched every the movies and hate top top muggles are death eaters
I"m pretty sure that they Potterheads. In coutries that have actually Spanish as an initial language they"re likewise called Pottericos



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