Who can ever before forget the most renowned Michigan college basketball team in the early 90s additionally known as the “Fab Five”? The Fab Five consists of four All-American recruits indigenous the 1991 recruiting class, chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, and also Jimmy King, and also a height 85 recruit, ray Jackson. While nobody of the players ever won one NCCA championship, their legacy remains in Michigan basketball background and in the mind of many basketball fans.

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The great Fab five moves ~ above the court was featured on an ESPN film which has end up being ESPN’s top-rated documentary the all-time. They also challenged the look of basketball by wearing baggy shorts, black socks, and also shaving their heads.

In this article, fine go through each that the Fab five player, see exactly how they started and also what occurred to castle now.


Juwan Howard attended in ~ Chicago Vocational career Academy because that high school and came out as the third recruit in the country despite no going to among the height high college basketball schools.

Juwan started the majority of his freshman year gamings for Michigan together the Wolverines made their march to the nationwide Championship. He was a phenomenal player top top both the offensive and defensive political parties of the ball and can be considered the backbone of the Fab Five.

Howard do his last avoid in his career at Miami. He was a reserve for the monster team that included Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, and also Chris Bosh. In his first season through the Heat, they lost in the NBA finals in the 2010-11 season. It was in the complying with season the a Fab 5 member ultimately won one NBA championship once Juwan Howard did it in the 2012 NBA Finals top top the Heat.

In 2013, the warm announced the they would keep Juwan Howard in the organization but as an assistant coach. He would go ~ above to continue to be in your coaching system until 2019 as soon as he went back to Michigan as the men’s basketball head coach. Immediately, the Wolverines saw success after ~ beating highly ranked phibìc Carolina and also Gonzaga in the battle for Atlantis tournament winning the tournament. Michigan make the largest jump in the AP rankings native unranked to #4.

After shedding to #1 ranked Louisville, the Wolverines would continue to loss apart and ended the season at 19-12 after ~ winning their very first seven games. During the 2020 offseason, there have been rumors of Juwan receiving NBA coaching offers, however he has responded by saying he will certainly not be leaving his alma mater anytime soon.

Howard play 19 periods in the NBA and also has been an assistant coach with the Miami heat for 5 seasons.

Jimmy King

Jimmy King play his high institution basketball because that Plano east in Texas. King to be the nine rated as whole recruit in the nation and decided Michigan to attach up with other top future that space now called the Fab Five.

King, along with Ray Jackson, space the only two Fab five members come stick roughly for 4 full periods at Michigan. It took a bit of time before King began to start for the Wolverines yet when he did, Michigan began to take over. They do it to their ago to earlier championships in the 1992 and also 1993 NCAA tournaments v King in the beginning five.

While king’s numbers was standing behind plenty of of the other Fab 5 members, his duty in the team deserve to not it is in overlooked. Along with Jalen Rose, he was the shooter in the offense. In the championship operation seasons, the shot over 40% indigenous 3-point range and continually developed on his success in the scoring sheet every year as the Fab five members left. He got to his career-high in point out in his senior year v 14.7 PPG, posting nearly identical numbers together Ray Jackson who barely outpaced him.

King to be selected by the Toronto Raptors with the 35th in its entirety pick the the NBA breeze after his 4 years at Michigan to be up. He did no receive much playing time and was traded to the Dallas Mavericks after ~ his rookie season. He was waived by them and played mainly in the CBA because that the season through the Quad City Thunder. After being signed by the Denver Nuggets and also not play much, he returned to Europe in the CBA and also took home a CBA championship and also MVP award with the Thunder. He finished his basketball career abroad with a range of different teams.

King now coaches the Ecorse community High school men’s basketball team and also has a talk display called King and Foster.

Ray Jackson

Ray Jackson is probably the least popular of the fab five. He came out of high school from lindon B. Johnson at an early stage College High school as the 84th ranked recruit in the nation. His freshman numbers room not really impressive as he was not a starter to begin the season. He aided Michigan reach four consecutive NCAA tournaments throughout the Fab Five’s reign yet is the just Fab 5 member to have actually never play a video game in the NBA.

After being cut from the NBA, ray Jackson made decision to go after the CBA together he was drafted through the grand Rapids Hoops in the 3rd round. Jackson played out of his psychic in his rookie season, taking residence the 1995-96 CBA Rookie the the Year award. He would certainly go back and forth between playing for the Hoops and also playing overseas in places like France and Argentina before ending his job in Venezuela.

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Jackson pays ago to his community by supporting a non-profit the promotes education in his Texas area by utilizing basketball called Rise increase Inc.

Who’s your favourite in the Fab Five? Feel totally free to share them in the comments below!