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The place of Columbia Heights has been provided by the geographical Names info System (ie- the GNIS).

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A common abbreviation for Columbia Heights: Columbia Hts. (in Canada, "Hgts." is the much more common abbreviation.)

From the  Census approximates for 2019, Columbia Heights has a population of 20,460 people (see below for details).

Columbia Heights was established in 1898.

The ar of Columbia Heights is 910 feet <277 m> above sea level..

Time Zone: Columbia Heights lies in the central Time Zone (CST/CDT) and also observes daylight saving time

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Population Details ...

Taken indigenous the 2019 Census Estimates, Columbia Heights had an population of 20,460 people. This is an increase of 4.94% because the 2010 Census (or an increase of 10.48% because the 2000 Census).

At the moment of the 2010 Census, Columbia Heights had a population of 19,496 people (or 5.89% of the total population of Anoka County). This makes Columbia Heights the county"s 7th most populated community.

The population of Columbia Heights represents 0.37% of the population of Minnesota (which has 5,303,925 people), making it the state"s 58th most populated community.

With a 2010 counting of 19,496 people, the population of Columbia Heights increased 5.27% indigenous the 2000 Census (which had a count of 18,520 people).

More information can be discovered on the Census web page for Columbia Heights.

Adding Columbia Heights come Our Gazetteer ...

We originally found mention of Columbia Heights in both the FIPS-55 and the GNIS. For an ext information, see the FIPS and also GNIS codes sections top top our miscellaneous Page.

In addition, our notes present that the faster dated point out that we"ve found for Columbia Heights was on a map title Map that Minnesota (from Rand McNally, 1932).

We additionally found Columbia Heights ~ above a map titled shell Oil roadway Map for Minnesota (1956).For more details around the above, watch References and Mentions because that Columbia Heights top top our ancestry Page.

Communities also Named Columbia Heights ...

Using our Gazetteer, us have uncovered that there are 11 communities that are likewise named Columbia Heights - castle are located in Georgia (2), Louisiana, Montana, north Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

For much more information, watch our Tidbits & Trivia web page for Columbia Heights.

Communities near Columbia Heights ...

We have produced a perform of 10 neighborhoods that are near Columbia Heights.

Saint Paul Population indigenous the 2020 Census: 306,717 peopleBloomington Population indigenous the 2020 Census: 84,583 peoplePlymouth Population indigenous the 2020 Census: 79,635 peopleBrooklyn Park Population from the 2020 Census: 79,574 peopleContinue list   (6 more) ...Woodbury Population native the 2020 Census: 74,255 peopleMaple Grove Population indigenous the 2020 Census: 72,881 peopleBlaine Population from the 2020 Census: 66,697 peopleEagan Population native the 2020 Census: 65,975 peopleEden Prairie Population indigenous the 2020 Census: 64,894 peopleCoon Rapids Population native the 2020 Census: 62,935 people

To aid With Your ancestry Research ...

We have actually a pair of sections because that those tracing their genealogy.

We developed a perform of cemeteries that space in the area around Columbia Heights. Our list consists of the ar of those cemeteries and we carry out an overhead view. See our Cemetery perform for Columbia Heights.

Using the information from an 1895 Atlas, we"ve developed a list of communities that were in the area of Columbia Heights. Our list consists of information such together whether the 1895 community had actually a article office or rail service. Check out our list of 1890"s Communities around Columbia Heights.

We also have a comprehensive list of papers that have been released in the area around Columbia Heights. See our newspapers Page for Columbia Heights.

TripAdvisor tourism Pages for Columbia Heights ...

Looking for an ext information about Columbia Heights? A wonderful resource is the TripAdvisor website. We always start with the TripAdvisor tourism page, wherein you have the right to read summary with links that will aid you discover lodging, restaurants and attractions.

In enhancement to the Tourism web page for Columbia Heights, there space neighboring areas that additionally have travel pages. An ext information around those communities can be uncovered on our TripAdvisor web page for Columbia Heights.

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