Are you trying to find the meanings of BDT? ~ above the following image, you deserve to see significant definitions that BDT. If girlfriend want, girlfriend can additionally download image file to print, or you deserve to share it v your girlfriend via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, etc. To see all definitions of BDT, please scroll down. The complete list of meanings is shown in the table below in alphabetical order.

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Major definitions of BDT

The adhering to image gift the most generally used definitions of BDT. You have the right to down the image document in PNG format for offline usage or send that to your friends by email. If you space a webmaster of non-commercial website, you re welcome feel totally free to i have announced the picture of BDT interpretations on your website.


All meanings of BDT

As pointed out above, girlfriend will see all definitions of BDT in the following table. Please understand that all meanings are noted in alphabetical order. You have the right to click links on the right to see thorough information of each definition, including meanings in English and your neighborhood language.

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BDT"Bout damn Time
BDTBad Decision Thursday
BDTBagimsiz Devletler Toplulugu
BDTBallistic Deflection Transistor
BDTBangkok Day tourism
BDTBangladesh Taka
BDTBase breakthrough Team
BDTBase de Dados dry
BDTBasic run Training
BDTBattle director Technician
BDTBefore Dividend and also Tax
BDTBelt journey Turbo
BDTBenecio del Toro
BDTBerkeley style Technology, Inc.
BDTBerufsverband Deutscher Tanzlehrer eV
BDTBest demonstrated Technology
BDTBill Data Tape
BDTBillet de Trésorerie
BDTBilling Data Transmitter
BDTBimetallic Dial Thermometer
BDTBirmingham dance Theatre
BDTBlock Data Transfer
BDTBlumlein Difference an approach
BDTBomb handle Technician
BDTBone dry Ton
BDTBons du Trésor
BDTBoy"s Drill Team
BDTBridge delay Time
BDTBritish dependent Territories
BDTBritish Summer Time
BDTBrittle-Ductile Transition
BDTBroadband Digital Terminal
BDTBuilder"s Dock Trials
BDTBulk Data deliver
BDTBundesverband Deutsche Discotheken und Tanzcafe
BDTBureau de Développement des Télécommunications
BDTBureau des Doctorants de Télécom
BDTBurst hold-up Tolerance
BDTBurst exit Time
BDTBusiness breakthrough Team
BDTBusiness moved Technology
BDTBüro Und Datentechnik
BDTGbadolite, Zaire
BDTTelecommunication advancement Bureau

What does BDT was standing for in message

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