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If you"re trying to find the airport which CLT was standing for, you"ve concerned the ideal place. Right here on, we define the definitions of all kinds the naipublishers.coms, abbreviations and initialisms, consisting of those the airports such as CLT. ~ above this web page you will uncover the CLT meaning, as well as what CLT stands for.

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CLT Meaning:

CLT stands for Charlotte/Douglas international Airport

Located in Charlotte, phibìc Carolina, CLT (Charlotte/Douglas worldwide Airport) is classified as a large hub plane by the FAA. Friend can inspect out an ext of CLT"s characteristics and also attributes below, including its plane code, ar indicator and also location identifier.

Charlotte/Douglas international Airport (CLT) Characteristics:

City: Charlotte State: phibìc Carolina FAA: Charlotte/Douglas international Airport IATA: CLT ICAO: KCLT Role: P-L

The city and state are where the airport is located, return an airplane is sometimes exterior of the boundaries city in i m sorry it"s listed.

The "FAA" describes the airport"s location identifier, which is assigned by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

The "IATA" describes the plane code, i m sorry is assigned by the IATA (International Air transport Association). Airports generally share the very same FAA and also IATA, though some execute not.

The "ICAO" refers to the airport"s location indicator, which assigned by the ICAO (International civil Aviation Organization).

CLT is a advertising airport, and as such, is designated as a main (P) airport by the FAA. All major airports, inlcuding CLT, room grouped into 4 categories (hubs) by the FAA:

P-N: Nonhub airplane (has an ext than 10,000 annual enplanements, yet less than 0.05% of full U.S. Annual enplanements) P-S: tiny hub plane (between 0.05% and also 0.25% the U.S. Annual enplanements) P-M: medium hub airplane (between 0.25 and 1% that U.S. Yearly enplanements) P-L: big hub airplane (at the very least 1% that U.S. Annual enplanements)

CLT an interpretation is Charlotte/Douglas worldwide Airport.

Charlotte/Douglas global Airport can be abbreviated together CLT.

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