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For the millions of human being without a bank account, cashing a examine isn’t easy. Around 8.4 million U.S. Households, making up 14.1 million adults, don’t have a financial institution account, according to a 2017 inspection from the FDIC.

There are means to cash a examine without a financial institution account, but they cost much more money, regularly require much more time and involve more risk 보다 cashing a inspect at a bank where you have an account. Below are 5 options.

1. Cash your examine at the issuing bank

Banks and also credit unions space not required to cash checks for non-customers, yet many banks will cash a inspect is written by one account holder at the bank, even if the is payable come a non-customer.

Note that there need to be enough money in the payer’s account to cover the check. Also, the payee (i.e., the human cashing the check) will need to display identification, such together a driver’s license or military ID.

The payee also should expect to pay a fee. Check-cashing fees at traditional financial institutions are typically roughly $8. If you obtain paid 52 main a year, that’s $416 in check-cashing charges.

And there may be restrictions, together as boundaries on check amounts and refusal of two-party personal checks. Checks the are 6 months old or much more might it is in declined.

2. Cash your check at a retailer

There space a number of huge retail stores favor Walmart, Kmart and grocery chains that offer check-cashing services.

The least expensive option is probably Kmart (if you can discover one the hasn’t closed). The struggling retailer charges just $1 or much less to cash checks, consisting of two-party an individual checks as much as $500. The caveat is that you must be a member of the store’s “Shop your Way” regimen to use the service. Authorized the program is free.

Walmart fees $4 come cash checks as much as $1,000 and up to $8 because that checks much more than that amount. Walmart also cashes two-party an individual checks, but it limits them come $200 and also charges a $6 max fee.

Grocery chain often carry out check-cashing services. Amongst others, Kroger, Publix, gigantic Eagle, Albertsons and also Ingles every cash checks. Fees typically variety from around $3 to $6.

3. Load funds ~ above a prepaid debit card

People that don’t have bank accounts sometimes use prepaid cards to deposit checks and access their cash. Prepaid cards are comparable to check account debit cards. Her spending is limited by how much money you have actually loaded top top the card.

Prepaid cards have actually different choices for examine cashing. Some prepaid cards allow you collection up direct deposit so that checks are instantly loaded top top the card. Various other cards come v an application that allows you snap a picture of your inspect to pack it onto her card. Or, girlfriend might have the ability to deposit your check at an ATM to pack the money ~ above the card.

Fees space a large drawback that prepaid cards. The Walmart MoneyCard fees $2.50 to retract money at an ATM (not consisting of the dues the bank charges) or a financial institution teller window, and also 50 cents to inspect your map balance at an ATM. There is a monthly fees of $5.94 uneven you load $1,000 a month onto the card.

Reload fees can be steep. It can expense you up to $5.95 to include money to a eco-friendly Dot Prepaid Visa card. Eco-friendly Dot likewise charges a $3 ATM fee. Sometimes, prepaid map fees room scaled according to how conveniently you want your money, and you can obtain dinged for expedited availability.

4. Cash your inspect at a check-cashing outlet

Check-cashing outlets are probably the many expensive places to cash checks. Several of them need customers to become “members” or come buy check-cashing id cards before they will cash her checks. In enhancement to a member fee, they can charge a first-time use fee.

Fees to cash a inspect can range from 1 percent to 12 percent the the face value of the check. That method you could pay in between $10 come $120 to cash a $1,000 check. Part businesses fee a level fee on top of the percentage.

The average face value the a examine presented to a check-cashing outlet is $442.30, with the median fee come cash that check being $13.77, or about 3.1 percent, follow to the FDIC. If that’s her paycheck and also you cash that every week, you’ll pay $55.08 a month, or $661 a year, in check-cashing fees.

Not just are check-cashing shop exorbitantly expensive, over there is a hazard of  deceptive practices. The better Business Bureau, for example, warns consumers to a scam wherein customers of a check-cashing keep are dubbed by who who cases to represent the business. The caller offers the client a loan and requests payment come secure the loan. That course, the loan is never ever received and also the client of the check-cashing save gets scammed out of your cash.

Check-cashing stores have to be her last resort.

5. Authorize your check over to someone you trust

Another means to cash a examine if you don’t have actually a financial institution account is to authorize the examine over to someone you trust that does have a bank account and have that person cash the examine at your bank.

Make certain the human you room signing over your examine to is ready to cash the check, and also that his or her bank will cash it. You have to accompany her trusted friend to the financial institution in instance the teller requires your identifier or has questions around the check.

Your friend must have the ideal identification and also be prepared to have his or her check dinged through a check-cashing fee.

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In every one of the techniques laid the end above, there is a personal and financial safety and security risk. Paper checks and also cash deserve to be shed or stolen.