Which that the complying with functional groups is not polar?a. Carbonylb. Hydroxylc. Methyld. Sulfhydryl

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which of the following functional teams is not polar. We have vehicle bono hydroxy together metal and also Suffo hydro. Um, so the exactly answer right here is watch metal. Therefore the metal group is no polar useful group, and this is due to the fact that the muscle group consists of a carbon atom i m sorry is bounded to three hydrogen atoms. Therefore, the metal group cannot type hydrogen bonds and won't it is in ableto contract with polar compounds such as water, for this reason making that hydrophobic together well. So it is a functional group that is not only non polar, but it is also a wonderful so thank you because that watching and I expect this hope



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Intro to Chem - introduction

Chemistry is the science of matter, specifically its chemical reactions, but additionally its composition, structure and properties. Chemistry faces atoms and their interactions with other atoms, and an especially with the nature of chemistry bonds. Chemistry also involves knowledge the properties and interactions of individual atoms and molecules for use in larger-scale applications.

Classification and also Properties of issue

In chemistry and also physics, matter is any type of substance that has mass and takes up room by having volume. All everyday objects that have the right to be touch are at some point composed of atoms, i beg your pardon are consisted of of interacting subatomic particles, and in everyday and scientific usage, "matter" generally has atoms and also anything made up of them, and also any particles and objects that act as if they have actually both rest mass and volume. However it go not include massless corpuscle such together photons, or other energy phenomena or tide such as light or sound. Matter exists in miscellaneous states (known as phases) the are characterized by various physical properties, such as state the matter, phase, shape, and also density. The Standard model of bit physics and also the basic theory of relativity describe fundamental particles and the an essential forces acting between them that regulate the structure and dynamics the matter.