What happens to the index of refraction and also focal size of a lens the is originally in air the is then put in water?



The table of contents of refraction of the lens will continue to be the exact same (the tool remains the same, whether in a vacuum, in air, immersed in water, etc.), but the focal size will increase.

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The table of contents of refraction that water is higher than the of air, so light entering v the lens will certainly be refracted at a smaller sized angle through respect to the horizontal that the lens than it would certainly in air.


It depends, intend the refractive table of contents of the lens is same as that of water. Then, no refraction takes place, it method the focal size of the lens becomes infinite. Because that example, glycerin and Pyrex stick has around same refractive index. If friend immerse Pyrex rod in glycerin, Pyrex becomes invisible.

Index the refraction doesn"t change, however focal length alters according come the tool in which you place.

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The effect of Snell"s law is that the equalivent defraction is collection by the ratios that the individual refactravive indexes. So if her lens has a refractive table of contents of 4 in air, and water having actually $1 \frac 13$, then the impact of placing the lens in water is $4 \div 1\frac 13$ or the same solution as the lense that refractive index $3$ in air.


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