EP 3 Ryan Kwanten; Beyonce & Jay-Z

Interviews v Ryan Kwanten and also "Beyonce & Jay Z"; musical guest Killer Mike and action Bronson.

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EP 4 Jillian Barberie; Victor Ortiz

Interviews through Jillian Barberie and Victor Ortiz; musical guest Mac DeMarco.

EP 5 The Hannibal Buress Show

Following a major spinal injury, Eric asks Hannibal to organize the show. Special Nick Cannon and Carmen Electra; music guest Lil Jon.

EP 7 Naturi Naughton; Ryan Phillippe

Interviews v Naturi Naughton and also Ryan Phillippe; musical guest garbage Talk.

EP 8 Jimmy Kimmel; Tyler The Creator

Interviews through Jimmy Kimmel and Tyler The Creator; music guest HEALTH.

EP 9 Pauly D; rick Springfield

Interview with Pauly D; unique appearance by stack Springfield; musical guest Paul Wall.

EP 10 Bird Up!

You're city hall Bird Up: The WORST display on television! featuring Stephen Colletti and Chris Rock.

EP 1 T.I.; Abbey Lee Miller

Interviews through T.I. And also Abbey Lee Miller; musical guest American Authors

EP 2 Stacey Dash; Jack McBrayer

Interviews through Stacey Dash and also Jack McBrayer; music guest A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, go Dreamer.

Eric Andre go Paris

Eric is worn down of make America an excellent Again so he's going come Paris to do France s**tty again.






Krft Punk's political Party Premiere Party

Watch Krft Punk's political Party Premiere Party Streamed Live indigenous LA

Eric Andre's birthday 2019

Eric Andre celebrates another year around the sun with distinct guests, FEMA tents, and a mechanically shark

Krft Punk’s politics Party

Eric Andre display favorite Kraft Punk take away on miscellaneous Washington DC media elites and wins stunning victories because that the America brand.

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