No matter if you are burning tobacco or your favorite legal herb, there is a quality pipe available to meet your needs. Among the different pipes available are various glass pipes, designed to heat or cool the smoke for a unique smoking experience with every puff. One of those pipes is known as the oil burner pipe.

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This pipe, otherwise known as a puff pipe or concentrate pipe, is made to smoke concentrates or essential oils. How do you use one of these pipes? You start by dabbing any smoking concentrates into the round glass bowl. Then heat the bowl with a torch under the glass. Pipes made for smoking legal herbs or tobacco and can be made of a variety of materials.

As you do so, you can start inhaling the smoke and blowing it out. Individuals who use these pipes indicate that the hits are stronger than if you smoke traditionally dried legal herbs or tobacco. Additionally, these pipes can better handle higher temperatures, making them an appealing option for regular smokers who prefer to step away from the standard dried herb or tobacco smoking experience.

Why are these oil burner pipes safer to use with higher temperature lighters? Read on to learn the three reasons why oil burner pipes are safer for higher temperature lighters, as well as how you can choose the right pipe to fit your needs.

Quality Made Glass Pipes

The first reason that these oil burner pipes are so effective for use in smoking concentrates is that the glass is much thicker. That means these glass pipes can withstand heat at a much higher temperature, allowing you to use a variety of lighters to get a different smoking experience.

Other pipes cannot always handle that type of increased temperature, simply because the glass is too thin, thus risking the potential overheating of your concentrates and ruining your smoking experience. Traditional smoking pipes are made to handle dried herbs and tobacco, so concentrates are often burned up too quickly.

Choosing the right oil burner pipe is often based on how thick the glass is and how well it can handle the higher temperature lighters.

Straight and Simple Smoking Option

Unlike traditional water pipes, oil burner pipes provide a straight and simple smoking choice. They are known for their straight pipe stem that ends in a bowl with a small hole in it. There are also a variety of options, such as a spiral tube over a traditional straight stem.

One of the benefits of the spiral tube stem is that the smoke is slightly cooled as it travels through the pipe. You end up inhaling a slightly cooler smoke, which can give it a distinctive flavor and texture, thus it will create a unique smoking experience.

You might also consider different colors or shapes within the stem, adding an artistic flair to your smoking experience.

Can Be Used For Traditional Smoking Possibilities

Another benefit of oil burner pipes is that they can be used for concentrates, but also for traditional dried herbs. That makes these pipes versatile, regardless of what your smoking preference is. They can also be easily cleaned, allowing you to reuse your oil burner pipe repeatedly. Just use rubbing alcohol and follow the instructions for soaking and cleaning your pipe. It will keep the grime out of your oil burner pipe and allow you to avoid the buildup that would interfere with your smoking experience.

While some people would suggest using plastic pipes for concentrates, there is an increased risk of the pipe not being able to handle the increased temperature from the lighter used to smoke them. Glass pipes are a thicker material, allowing for them to easily handle the temperature demands, while maintaining the ability to smoke dried herbs or tobacco.

Oil burners can also be found in bubblers, which would allow you to heat the water that cools the smoke before you inhale it from the concentrate or essential oils. At USA Collective, our team is working hard to provide you the right kind of pipes for your smoking needs. Our quality products provide you with beautiful glass pipes that can handle smoking a variety of dried legal herbs or tobacco, as well as concentrates or essential oils.

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That being said, you might be overwhelmed by the options out there and unsure which one will fit your smoking needs. Contact our knowledgeable team, who can walk you through the decision process and answer any questions that you may have.

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