SUNDAY PUZZLE #34: complete The Series

I don’t function visual riddles very often, but this one to be too an excellent to pass up. It was posed by someone at my coworking space, and I uncovered it specifically clever (if a bit devious). I likewise appreciate just how easy that is come share—it’s the kind of puzzle it is perfect because that scribbling on a bar napkin, or a great chalkboard. Your task is simple: recognize what goes in the ar of the question mark. And also no, the answer is not “6.”

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We’ll be back next week v the solution – and a new puzzle! gained a great brainteaser, initial or otherwise, that you’d prefer to view featured? E-mail me with your recommendations. (Be certain to encompass “Sunday Puzzle” in the subject line.)

SOLUTION come Sunday Puzzle #33: Pigs In Pens

Last week, i asked you exactly how to distribution 21 pigs into four pigpens, such the each pen contained an odd variety of pigs.

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At an initial glance, it seemed impossible. Splitting 21 into four groupings requires at the very least one that those groups to contain an even variety of pigs, right?