Iron(II) Oxide


Iron(II) oxide (EYE-urn 2 OK-side) is a babsence, thick powder that occurs in nature as the mineral wustite. It reacts conveniently with oxygen in the air to create iron(III) oxide and also through carbon dioxide to form iron(II) carbonate (FeCO3).

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Iron(II) oxide occurs in nature as the result of the infinish oxidation of iron steel. It deserve to be all set synthetically by heating iron(II) oxalate (FeC2O4), although the product of this reactivity is contaminated with an additional oxide of iron, triiron tetroxide (Fe3O4).



Ferrous oxide; iron monoxide




Iron, oxygen


Metal oxide




71.84 g/mol


1,377°C (2,151°F)


Not applicable


Insoluble in water and also all plain organic solvents; soluble in acids


Iron(II) oxide has 3 primary uses. First, it has lengthy been provided as a dye or pigment in pottery, glazes, and glasses, specifically in the green, heat-soaking up glass used in structures, automobiles, and various other applications. The compound is also provided as a raw product in the manufacturing of steel. Finally, iron(II) oxide is offered as a catalyst in a variety of commercial and chemical operations.

Interelaxing Facts

Both iron(II) oxide and also its cousin, iron(III) oxide are plentiful in rocks on the surchallenge of Mars. The previous accounts for the dark, practically jet black, shade of some rocks, while the last is responsible for the predominant red shade of the planet"s surconfront.

Inhalation of iron(II) oxide fumes or dust is thought about a peril and also deserve to cause throat and nasal irritation. High levels of expocertain may cause a problem well-known as steel fume fever before, a worklocation expocertain condition that causes flu-like symptoms. Continued expocertain at high levels have the right to have actually more significant results, consisting of an illness well-known as siderosis, an inflammation of the lungs that is accompanied by pneumonia-prefer symptoms.

Words to Know

OXIDATIONA chemical reaction in which oxygen reacts with some various other substance or, alternatively, in which some substances loses electrons to one more substance, the oxidizing agent.


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