If you space up come music recording instruments, Neumann have to be recognized as among the greatest names in the game. And also as Draje already tells us, the Neumann TLM 103 stands come be among the biggest flagships the the brand. And that’s no accident in ~ all.

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The an initial thing that you have to know around this microphone is, that of a high-end type of model, and the price goes quite high for that. So, if you are seeking because that something within a tight budget, this headphone might not bring a laugh on your face.

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But in case you space a expert musician and also want to very own something the Drake owns by himself, store reading.

The diaphragm of this mic is 26mm in dimension, which method that the is able to capture even the ideal kind the sound you would make. Yet make certain that the acoustic condition of the surroundings is quite fine come proceed. Otherwise, the microphone will end up capturing unexpected sounds.

The clarity and also dynamics of the sound the Neumann TLM 103 produces room excellent! It has actually the capacity to deduce unforeseen noises, which we will certainly be talking about later. However for now, remember the if you shot to compare it with a 100 dollar microphone, you can see the real differences.

A an excellent thing about the Neumann TLM 103 mic is, it can catch even the little of inflections the low priced models deserve to hardly do. On that note, you have to be aware of any kind of speed defects, which can be likewise vulnerable because that you.

The frequency an answer capacity of this model is quite high. All you should do is make certain that’s okay with the varieties of music you do. This microphone has actually a complain to develop a slight accentuation while it’s about the deluxe pitches. Yet this truth is no that much vital for many of the users. Apart from the high end, the various other sound varieties are fairly fine come be spanned by this model.

A great selling point of this version is the huge diaphragm, which is the Cardioid type. And also that had been fairly a unique identity because that this model. Because of having a huge diaphragm, no an even a tiny little of sound is to let go by this model.

Talking around capturing the low-level noise, over there comes a short noise range of 7 dB-A. If you have the right to maintain the required supply voltage, the all at once performance of this version will it is in so good to go.

The mounting this design won’t be tough work at all. Since this model comes through a shock mounting system along with it. So installing this mic won’t be a difficult task in ~ all.

Comparing to every the specs and also features, we discovered the Neumann TLM 103 a quite fine version for professional music. In instance you’re interested, you can join Drake too!

Highlighted Features

Quite a huge diaphragm for maximum coverage.Comes with a swiveling mountain for simple adjustment.A shockmount is sold properly, i m sorry ensures expert grade recording.Comes in a gorgeous Satin Nickel and matte black color.Contains a wood jeweler’s crate in the package.A typical microphone for studio and also home recording.

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Bottom line

So, guys, this to be the discussion about the microphone the Drake uses, and it’s damaged down analysis. Although the price can lead you into some hesitation, when you view drake using this microphone because that his experienced recordings, it’s totally worth it.