For decades, athletes have reached for one beverage to quench your thirst after an intense workout. As soon as water simply doesn"t reduced it, you need a refreshing Gatorade to help replenish every one of those necessary nutrients and electrolytes.

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Gatorade has constantly been because that athletes, and also the company"s marketing has dove head-first right into that demographic time and also time again. That"s exactly why the latest commercial for the drink — "Greatness Starts through G" — features several that the top competitors of the modern age working out and also enjoying a rapid beverage break. You"ll find countless professional athletes in the minute-long clip, including Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics and also D.K. Metcalf the the Seattle Seahawks. 

They may work out separately, but they come together to deliver one combined message: Drink Gatorade. The stars are additionally accompanied by a fast-paced track that you"ll definitely want to include to her workout playlist the next time you go for a jog. The song in question is "Future strength Sources" by Marlowe.


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Marlowe consists of rapper Solemn Brigham and also producer L"Orange. With the former"s ultra-fast rhyming style and also the latter"s ailing beats, it"s a complement made in heaven, and also the two have actually put the end one fantastic track after ~ the next due to the fact that the partnership started in 2018 (via FMLY). It started with the self-titled debut album, "Marlowe," which became a BBC Radio album that the year. They followed that document up through 2020"s "Marlowe 2," i beg your pardon is where you"ll find the track from the Gatorade advertising — "Future strength Sources."

"Marlowe 2" was also warmly received by music critics, countless of whom claimed it was one of the finest hip hop albums the year it came out. The album"s Hip Hop gold Age review includes the following: ""Marlowe 2" isn"t basic or straightforward. It may take a few spins to truly appreciate, however those willing and able to offer this album the attention it deserves will uncover that "Marlowe 2" is among the best Hip Hop albums of the year." similar sentiments came from popular music Matters: ""Marlowe 2" proves one astounding and also revealing work: the does the near-impossible cheat of introducing wonderful talents because that the an initial time — a second time around."

Hopefully, the Gatorade spot introduces Marlowe come a whole brand-new audience that deserve to appreciate their enormous talents.