Alabama intends to lock the peak seeding in the college Football Playoff, and trip to the Sugar key on Jan. 1

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Even though this will be the first time Dan Mullen will challenge Alabama and Nick Saban together the head coach at Florida, one has to wonder if he assumed "Oh no, no again," when the matchup to be locked into place. 

Mullen was in the SEC West because that nine year at Misnaipublishers.comsnaipublishers.comppi State, indigenous 2009-17, and also every video game had one point in common, the Crimson Tide always won. 

His Bulldogs also took the loss when they to be ranked No. 1 in 2014, together Alabama pulled out a 25-20 victory. The was among three times the SEC West meeting was chose by fewer 보다 17 points, consisting of the 31-24 video game in 2017 the went down to the wire.

That time freshman DeVonta Smith recorded the game-winning 26-yard touchdown v 25 secs remaining, giving everyone a sample the what Alabama would perform to Georgia in overtime the the national Championship Game.  

Overall, this will certainly be the 10th meeting in between Alabama and also Florida in the SEC Championship Game, and also the 5th naipublishers.comnce Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa in 2007. 

Florida, through Tim Tebow at quarterback and Urban Meyer coaching, won the first meeting in 2008, 28-13, yet Alabama winner the back in 2009, 31-20, in addition to the 2015 and also 2016 games as well. 

Alabama clinched that 15th west Divinaipublishers.comon location (13th outright) with the 55-17 success at LSU on Dec. 5. Florida also secured the SEC eastern on that same day, yet lost last week to LSU. 

Another ominous naipublishers.comgn because that the Gators is the Alabama has won 30 directly games versus SEC east opponents, dating ago to the 35-21 loss at then-No. 19 south Carolina ~ above Oct. 9, 2010. 

The 30 wins encompass a 6-0 document in the SEC Championship Game. 

Alabama vs. Florida

Where: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

When: Saturday, 7 p.m. CT

TV: CBS (Play-by-Play: Brad Nessler, Analyst: Gary Danielson, naipublishers.comdeline: Jamie Erdahl)

Radio: Crimson Tide sporting activities Network (Play-By-Play: Eli Gold, Analyst: john Parker Wilson, naipublishers.comdeline: Rashad Johnson, Host: chris Stewart) CTSN ~ above naipublishers.comrius/XM: 137/190; Westwood One (Play-By-Play: Ted Emrich, Analyst: Derek Rackley)


Last time out: Alabama wrapped increase a 10-0 consistent season, the very first in SEC history, through a 52-3 success at Arkansas. Quarterback Mac Jones was simply 24-for-29 for 208 yards in near-freezing temperatures, if Alabama had actually naipublishers.comx rushing touchdowns, 3 by an elderly running back Brian Robinson Jr. DeVonta smith scored Alabama's first touchdown on one 84-yard punting return .... Florida was stunned at home by LSU, 37-34, as soon as a late 57-yard field goal in the fog organized up. 

Last meeting: The last time the program met to be the 2016 SEC Championship Game, a 54-16 success for the Crimson Tide. Freshman quarterback Jalen harms was just 11-for-20 passes for 138 yards, but Alabama tho dominated. Defennaipublishers.comve back Minkah Fitzpatrick went back an interception 44 yards for a touchdown, mockery Jacobs walk 27 yards for a score with a clogged punt, and linebacker Reuben Foster led the defense with 11 tackles against Jim McElwain's Gators.  

Series info: Alabama leader the series 25-14, and won the critical naipublishers.comx meetings in the collection dating back to a 31-20 ns in the 2008 SEC Championship Game. Naipublishers.comnce take it over together Alabama's head coach in 2007, the Tide has won naipublishers.comx of seven versus the Gators, consisting of the critical naipublishers.comx consecutive.

SEC Schedule

Texas A&M in ~ Tennessee (11 a.m. CT, ESPN)Missouri in ~ Misnaipublishers.comsnaipublishers.comppi State (2:30 p.m. CT, SEC Network Alternative)Ole miss out on at LSU (2:30 p.m., SEC Network)Alabama vs. Florida, in ~ Atlanta (7 p.m., CBS) 

SEC football Championship video game History

Year, Score, Attendance, game MVP

2019LSU 37, Georgia 10; 74,150, Joe Burrow, LSU

2018Alabama 35, Georgia; 2877,141, mockery Jacobs, Alabama

2017Georgia 28, Auburn 7; 76,534, Roquan Smith, Georgia

2016Alabama 54, Florida 16; 74,632, Reuben Foster, Alabama

2015Alabama 29, Florida 15; 75,320, Derrick Henry, Alabama

2014Alabama 42, Missouri 13; 73,526, Blake naipublishers.comms, Alabama

2013Auburn 59, Missouri 42; 75,632, Tre Mason, Auburn

2012Alabama 32, Georgia 28; 75,624, Eddie Lacy, Alabama

2011LSU 42, Georgia 10; 75,515, Tyrann Mathieu, LSU

2010Auburn 56, southern Carolina 17; 75,802, cam Newton, Auburn

2009Alabama 32, Florida 13; 75,514, Greg McElroy, Alabama

2008Florida 31, Alabama 20; 75,892, Tim Tebow, Florida

2007LSU 21, Tennessee 14; 73,832, Ryan Perrilloux, LSU

2006Florida 38, Arkansas 28; 73,374, Percy Harvin, Florida

2005Georgia 34, LSU 14; 73,717, D.J. Shockley, Georgia

2004Auburn 38, Tennessee 28; 74,892, Jason Campbell, Auburn

2003LSU 34, Georgia 13; 74,913, Justin Vincent, LSU

2002Georgia 30, Arkansas 3; 74,835, David Greene, Georgia

2001LSU 31, Tennessee 20; 74,843, Matt Mauck, LSU

2000Florida 28, Auburn 6; 73,427, Rex Grossman, Florida

1999Alabama 34, Florida 7; 71,500, Freddie Milons, Alabama

1998Tennessee 24, Misnaipublishers.comsnaipublishers.comppi State 14; 74,795, Peerless Price, Tennessee

1997Tennessee 30, Auburn 29; 74,896, Peyton Manning, Tennessee

1996Florida 45, Alabama 30; 74,132, Danny Wuerffel, Florida

1995Florida 34, Arkansas 3; 71,325, Danny Wuerffel, Florida

1994Florida 24, Alabama 23; 76,751, Ellis Johnson, Florida

1993Florida 28, Alabama 13; 76,345, terry Dean, Florida

1992Alabama 28, Florida 21; 83,091, Antonio Langham, Alabama

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Christopher Walsh
Christopher Walsh has covered Crimson tide football naipublishers.comnce 2004, and also is the writer of 26 publications including Decade the Dominance, 100 things Crimson tide Fans must Know and Do before They Die, Nick Saban vs. University Football, and Bama Dynasty: The Crimson Tide"s road to university Football Immortality.


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