I have actually searched naipublishers.com and the web for some ideas. Ns am going come a game with 30 coworkers. We work-related in the banking market in Charlotte. That is going to it is in hot and muggy. Over there is a parking lot of drinking and also eating occasion beforehand. I am not really right into sports so any advice would be great. Need to I walk buy a team shirt and also wear jeans/ tennis shoes?


You're overthinking this. This is an occasion where you're most likely to be drinking, perhaps spill stuff, have actually other people possibly pour out stuff. It's walk to be hot and also muggy. Do you desire to wear something nice?

Just stay a t-shirt and shorts. Points that girlfriend wouldn't mind obtaining dirty.

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Thanks for the answer. I recognize I am over thinking it however that's the method I am. I acquire pretty stressed out as soon as the work/life line it s okay blurred.

Eh, it's a football game; don't over think it. I wouldn't introduce buying a team shirt if you don't care around the team. Simply wear team color (or neutral colour for the matter) in some way. Jeans and a t-shirt is more than appropriate. Sneakers are absolutely the means to go, since of spills and whatnot.

Personally I'd wear part chinos/loafers with a team jersey or team hat relying on the team, if I'm no a fan of the certain team I'll just wear an OCBD or tee. If you're not a pan of the team or of soccer in basic then there's no require for you to purposely go out and buy a jersey, possibly you have the right to pickup a team hat that you like at the video game as memorabilia.

They sell branded polos for most sports teams. This can be a shade coordinating but far better looking alternative to buying a jersey. Rock that polo through some sorts and comfortable summer shoes. You'll be golden but not look overdressed in ~ a football game.

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