This period is knownas recognized as the Dark Ages due to the fact that because written sources were limited, itbegan with the Celts (900 BCE), There to be two people one The Brythons whereby isBritain now and also the various other one The Gaels where is Ireland now. Both tribes spokelanguages indigenous the Celtic family. The lieders to be Druids who were priests;they preserved myths and legends additionally heroic poems. The roman inn was the secondgroup that got into England (55 BCE -407 CE) they developed towns and also roads. SomeAnglo-Saxon elements are:
King : he an alleged to be loyaland sort to his subjects.The Mead room : to be a structure witha big room. Religious beliefs :they have paganbelieves , have a believer in fate andhave german gods, Christianity has been introduced by the Celts and also Romans.The church supported Educationand created literatureLiterature was spread by scopeswho recited long epic poems ,the verses were composed in an easy way to memorize.Caesuras , stop in a lineAlliteration : the 2 parts ofthe line
I preferred the critical battle. The writer put a lot ofsuspense and also the truth that beowulf was old and also his guys ran away, i think itmade the battle much more challenging. Beowulf remained in disadvantage and also still he kepthis bravery.

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2. What annoys Grendel and leads to his attacks? What universal conflictlies behind his war through the Danes?
Grendel was annoyed by the noise from Heorot, hecouldn’t was standing the Dane’s happiness due to the fact that deep inside he was jealous together hewas exiled come the swamplands come live except society. The real problem lieson his accursed condition as he is a lower of Cain, who was condemned by God.Being exclude, made the bitter and also resentful, i m sorry is why he hates and fightsthe Danes.
3. Why does Beowulf take trip to Heorot? What execute his motives for the expedition tellyou around his character? how does the contrast in between Grendel and also Beowulf turntheir dispute between an excellent and evil?
a. Beowulf hears around the Dane’s suffering and he wantsto grow his reputation by help the Danish people. Moreover because thatwas a big challenge for him and also he wanted to prove human being that he was a greatwarrior.
b. Grendel represents the evil; he is a descended of Cainwhich in the scriptures is a price of sin and Beowulf is the Hero that will restatethe peace.
4. Beowulf defeat ~ above Grendel might be described as the defeat of the “darkside” that the warrior’s life. Explain.
Grendelrepresents the angry side the the Scandinavian men since of his urge to killothers. His fatality is prefer purging the sin.
5. Explain how the poem, by keeping Beowulf’s storage alive, keeps aculture’s values alive.
Thepoem to represent a historical era, it gives information about the Anglo Saxonculture and values at that time. It offers an idea of how their ancestors werelike, their customs and also beliefs, for this reason it provides a sense of identification that worthkeeping.
Y y esindeed, beo wolf represents a good heroic warrior the is ready to protecthis people and also he is likewise a dependable King that looks for for the an excellent andsacrifices because that his people.

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7. Just how does literature reflect society? What does beo wolf reveal about theway the Anglo-Saxons defined an excellent and evil?
Literature piece reflect the society in which that waswritten in the explanation of the characters, places, events. It supplies symbolsand various literacy devices. In the case of Beowulf, it specifies the goodbased on their heroic code of honor in i beg your pardon the Anglo-Saxon civilization believed.The monsters stand for the evil, the negative things and sins and by killing thesemonsters the tranquility and an excellent are restored.

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