The creation of the internet has ushered in the digital age and revolutionized just how we accessibility and re-superstructure information. But this adjust in just how we distribute information is not the very first of its sort to have taken place.

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What is the Gutenberg Bible?

Five hundred and sixty-one years earlier a man in Germany created a new kind of to press press.

This printing push sparked a change in the distribution of details in medieval Europe. Suddenly, texts might be created faster, in larger numbers, and also at a lower expense than ever before. End time, this printing technique enabled the spread of the principles of movements such as the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and even the American Revolution.

The very first book that was printed and made accessible using this new printing technique is recognized as the Gutenberg Bible.


The Gutenberg Bible, Lenox Copy, incomplete top top paper, brand-new York public Library.

1) The Gutenberg holy bible gets its name from the man who printed it, john Gutenberg. Gutenberg was born in Mainz, Germany, sometime throughout the late fourteenth century and is thought to have passed away in 1468.

2) The Gutenberg scriptures is also known together the Forty-Two heat Bible because the pages are published with 2 columns that 42 present each.

3) Gutenberg printed the scriptures on his newly created printing press using movable varieties made from metal. Printing currently existed in Europe once Gutenberg developed his printing press yet the vault presses used carved wooden blocks and were far better suited because that printing images, fairly than text.


Replica the Gutenberg’s print press.

4) that is believed that once Gutenberg printed the bible in 1455, he had actually spent the past two decades developing his new printing press. In his work, Gutenberg discovered inspiration native presses offered for make wine, paper, and for bookbinding. He also developed a brand-new metal alloy when manufacturing the types and one oil-based black color ink i m sorry was combined specifically so the it would certainly stick come the varieties he had made.

5) Gutenberg is believed to have actually printed 180 Bibles, obtainable through pre-order only. The mean price because that one scriptures is thought to have been 30 guilder, equaling three years wages for a clerk.

6) Gutenberg’s expert training was no in the printing business, as can have been expected. Instead he to be trained in metal work, which was vital to the development of the steel alloy used for the movable types.

7) The Gutenberg bible was obtainable in 2 versions–one cheaper version published on document and one more expensive published on vellum. The the person who lives paid a straightforward price because that the printing and then added frills (hand-coloration, illuminations, a binding, and a cover) because that an extra fee.

8) A Gutenberg scriptures contains 1,286 pages. 300 pieces of unique types were offered in the printing and also each web page contains around 2,500 piece of type. It took between three to 5 years to finish the whole print operation of 180 Bibles and each bible weighs an mean of 14 lbs. The printing process was done totally by hand.

9) of the initial 180 Bibles, 49 are recognized to exist today. 21 the those space still complete.

10) There space eleven copies of the Gutenberg bible in the joined States. 4 of those are complete and also printed top top paper, and also one, in the possession that the Library of Congress, is complete and printed on vellum. There space only 4 known finish Gutenberg Bibles printed on vellum in the world.

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Where deserve to you watch the Gutenberg Bible?

If you would choose to flip through the pages that a complete Gutenberg bible printed ~ above paper, the bother Ransom center at The college of Texas at Austin has digitized your copy and also made it accessible through an easy-to-navigate interaction website.

The printing an approach using movable metal form invented by Gutenberg overcame the printing market until the development of the digitally based printing the is in usage today. Here’s a quick film showing how a book was published using movable form in 1942. (When you watch this film you will notice that the presentation the the various work category is a bit different from today, too.)

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