If a car is produced in one year and not sold until the next, which year"s GDP should it be counted in?

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The price level rises and quantity of g/s falls. (Real GDP growth rate= % change from previous year, Nominal is just what it currently is)
The _____ is a measure of the price level and is calculated by dividing ________ by _____ and multiplying by 100
Labor force participation rate to decrease. ( The unemployment rate would increase because there would be less people in the labor force but the same amount unemployed)
Rose 60% from cost of market basket in base year (Base year CPI is always 100. 160-100/100 x 100= 60% )
Real wealth will be lowered (due to money illusion) and consumption will decrease (due to purchasing power declining)
How would a decrease in a firm"s expectations of future profitability of investment spending effect the AD curve?
It would shift it to the left (If firms expect future profitability to be less, they will cut back on investment spending, I in the AD curve. Less investment = curve shifting downward)
The SRAS would shift to the right (More productivity means less waste meaning companies are able to supply more items at the same price level)
The AD curve would have shifted left (Germany would have less exports which means less net exports which means AD curve shifting left)
Smaller than 1/RR (This is because the multiplier is not being fully utilized. Because there are excess reserves, this means that not every dollar is out there making more dollars )
Monetary= actions Fed takes to manage money supply and interest rates (by central banks)Fiscal= changes in federal taxes and purchases (by federal government, Fed reserve has NO say)




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