The true story of one of America"s many violent and also infamous gangsters, Whitey Bulger. Johnny Depp stars as Bulger, who was the brother of a state senator and also was eventually convinced to undertake a cable for the FBI to carry down the Italian mafia in Boston ~ they attacked his territory. Scott Cooper directs, with mark Mallouk penning the screenplay based upon Dick Lehr and Gerald O"Neill"s 2001 best-seller black color Mass: The True Story of one Unholy Alliance in between The FBI and also The irish Mob. ~ Daniel Gelb

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Performance Credits
Johnny DeppWhitey Bulger
Benedict CumberbatchWilliam Bulger
Jesse PlemonsKevin Weeks
Joel EdgertonJohn Connolly
Sienna MillerCatherine Greig
Dakota JohnsonLindsey Cyr
Rory CochraneStephen Flemmi
Julianne NicholsonMarianne Connolly
Adam ScottFBI certified dealer Robert Fitzpatrick
David HarbourJohn Morris
Jeremy StrongActor
Brad CarterJohn McIntyre
W. Earl BrownJohn Martorano
Corey StollFred Wyshak
Kevin BaconFBI certified dealer Charles McGuire
Peter SarsgaardBrian Halloran
Bill CampJohn Callahan
Juno TempleDeborah Hussey
Mark MahoneyMickey Maloney
Scott AndersonTommy King
Lonnie FarmerDEA agent Eric Olsen (Interrogator)
Mary KlugMom Bulger
Erica McDermottMary Bulger
Luke RyanDouglas Cyr
Owen BurkeBuddy Leonard
Lewis D. WheelerJeremiah O"Sullivan
Robert WalshVoice that Sr. FBI Official
Billy MeleadyJoe Cahill
Jamie DonnellyMrs. Cody
David DeBeckRoger Wheeler
David ConleyOfficer Flynn
Ciaran CrawfordIrish Nationalist
Thomas Philip O"NeillFBI wire Tech
Joey VacchioJoey, big Italian
Bill HaimsGennaro Angiulo
Anthony MolinariCharlie McTiernan
Todd Ryan JonesCharlie"s Friend
Declan MulveyCharlie"s Friend
Bates WilderAgent James
Marc CarverDick Lehr
Richard DonellyGerard O"Neill
Gary GaloneState Captain
Brian A. WhitePrisoner
Peter J. MorseFBI Agent
Tom KempFather Mackey
Patrick M. WalshMichael Donahue
Naheem GarciaDEA Agent
Kathryn A. BeauchampNurse
Stephen CurranDrug Dealer
Darin XL MacEachernDrug Dealer
Cary "Big Shug" GuyDrug Dealer
Sean MaloneCrook
Jack NearyBarman
Jimmy Joe MaherBoot Shop Owner
Forry BuckinghamWorld Jai Alai Chairman
Danny DeMillerPorthole Bartender
Michael F. MurphyPorthole Customer
Alexander CookDEA certified dealer Dan Doherty
Ava CooperLittle mary Bulger
Stella CooperKathleen Bulger
Nick Glennie-SmithConductor
Technical Credits

Scott CooperDirector,Producer
Jez ButterworthScreenwriter
Stefania CellaProduction Designer
Bryan FeltySet Decoration/Design
Gary GranstaffExecutive Producer
Brett GranstaffExecutive Producer
Tom HolkenborgScore Composer
Phil HuntExecutive Producer
John LesherProducer
Kasia Walicka MaimoneCostumes/Costume Designer
Francine MaislerCasting
Peter MalloukExecutive Producer
Mark MalloukScreenwriter
Ray MalloukExecutive Producer
Karl J. MartinSet Decoration/Design
Patrick McCormickProducer
Richard MirischAssociate Producer
Steven MnuchinExecutive Producer
Brian OliverProducer
James PackerExecutive Producer
Nichole PleauMakeup
Brett RatnerExecutive Producer
David RosenbloomEditor
Compton RossExecutive Producer
Lauren SeligExecutive Producer
Masanobu TakayanagiCamera Operator,Cinematographer
Tyler ThompsonProducer
Henry TirlCamera Operator
Christina TodescoSet Decoration/Design
Christopher WoodrowExecutive Producer
Jeremy WoodwardArt Director
Michele ZieglerAsst. Director

Disc #1 -- black color Mass 1. Scene 1 <9:43> 2. Step 2 <8:42> 3. Scene 3 <12:53> 4. Step 4 <10:26> 5. Scene 5 <10:09> 6. Scene 6 <7:20> 7. Step 7 <3:22> 8. Step 8 <6:34> 9. Step 9 <10:35>10. Step 10 <8:53>11. Scene 11 <10:55>12. Step 12 <12:33>13. Scene 13 <2:53>14. Step 14 <7:23>

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Disc #1 -- black Mass Play step Selections languages Audio English English Descriptive Audio Français Español Subtitles English (For The Deaf and Hard of Hearing) Français Español Subtitles: nobody Special functions Johnny Depp: coming to be Whitey Bulger

Editorial Reviews

At one watch innocuous point in Scott Cooper"s visceral crime drama black Mass, infamous mobster James "Whitey" Bulger (Johnny Depp) speak his son, who has actually been taking care of a bully, that he didn"t act incorrectly by retaliating (punching his aggressor in the face); his failure was obtaining caught. The scene is played because that levity (Dakota Johnson"s aggrieved reaction as the boy"s mom is excellent), but Bulger"s advice doubles together a summary for the plot that drives this extremely charged however slow-burning film. As soon as a small-time crime boss in Boston as the leader the the notorious Winter Hill Gang, Bulger leader a charmed career. His younger brother Billy (Benedict Cumberbatch) is an established local politician who ultimately works his way up come the place of state senator. In enhancement to the protection that his family ties bought him, Billy"s childhood friend john Connolly (Joel Edgerton), now a hotshot FBI agent, involves him with a mutually beneficial proposition: Connolly is do the efforts to eliminate Italian-mob crime ceo Jerry Angiulo (Bill Haims) indigenous power, and also offers to take it the warmth off Bulger in exchange for details on his "business rival." Bulger obliges in ~ first, which leader to Angiulo"s arrest and also a significant profile boost for Connolly, that enjoys both his increased power at the Bureau and the newfound swagger that comes from palling roughly with other "Southie" Bulger. Unfortunately for Connolly (and the FBI and also the city the Boston), Bulger unsurprisingly follow me the broad leash he"s to be given and runs through it; he proceeds to perpetrate major crimes, including arms smuggling, medicine running, and also high-profile murders, every while implicating Connolly in the process. The Winter Hill Gang"s menace is contrasted v their excessive lack of subtlety, and also the true-life story builds toward the downfall of Bulger and also Connolly. Police interrogations including two crooks with whatever to shed -- Winter Hill members Steve Flemmi (Rory Cochrane) and Kevin weeks (Jesse Plemons) -- carry out the structure for the action-packed plot of black color Mass. Manager Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) takes the visual and emotional grit that his critical picture, 2013"s the end of the Furnace, and also applies it to this follower to such standout inside-the-mob movies as Scorsese"s Goodfellas and also Boston-centric The Departed. Cooper keeps the movie an easy and sticks come the script: We view the gangsters and the powerful men in your orbit end the course of 1975 come 1986, as the storytelling depends as much on simmering tension and frayed nerves together it go on really violence. 2 standout scenes include an over-the-shoulder perspective of a ferocious crime that doubles as a turning point in the film, and also a sizzling workplace altercation in between Connolly and also the put-upon ceo who gave him permission to collaborate v Bulger in the very first place. These scenes cleverly juxtapose legislation enforcement and the criminal underworld, showing exactly how the same sense the authoritarian overreach and greed exist in both settings. Cooper"s skilled direction gives us a in-depth look at this seemingly various milieus, and the understated, vibrant dialogue from screenwriters note Mallouk and Jez Butterworth (made feasible by the acclaimed publication of the same name native journalists prick Lehr and also Gerard O"Neill) elevates the movie from compelling come superb. Cooper, Mallouk, and also Butterworth deftly prevent romanticizing the rampant criminal violence, choosing instead come let the conflict between these powerful, flawed guys serve together the movie"s axis. Together a result, it"s mainly up to the gibbs to loan this true-life film the emotional depth it deserves, and also the high-wattage actors are an ext than approximately the task. Depp is sensational together Bulger, completely captivating without ever coming throughout as ostentatious. V the assist of comprehensive makeup work and an icy stare intensified through the shade of blue in his contact lenses, the A-list star manages to disarm us with only a smile, and also chill viewers to the core v a twitch the his eyebrow. Despite an exhilaration career that"s among the most intriguing and also versatile that his generation, Depp"s work here stands as among his most completely realized performances. The remainder of the cast are aces together well. Joel Edgerton portrays Connolly as a male with a chip ~ above his shoulder who is brought down by his ambition, misguided loyalties, and also the indignant fury he carries through him. ~ anchoring a handful of influence scenes at an early stage on, Plemons fades into the background because that the majority of the film, yet he manages to make the most of his screen time. The other great supporting performances include Peter Sarsgaard as a loose-cannon drug addict tangled up v the dorn people, and also Cochrane together Flemmi, who sad eyes betray the broken sycophant behind the menacing enforcer. Certain scenes are yielded with an overabundance of melodrama, i beg your pardon is rendered unnecessary by the high-quality cinematography through Masanobu Takayanagi. In addition, the maybe performances the Johnson and also Julianne Nicholson (as Connolly"s wife Marianne) room glossed over because that the vast majority of the movie. It speak to exactly how compelling the story is that viewers will leave craving an ext from details characters, including Kevin Bacon as commonwealth agent Charles McGuire and also Cumberbatch as a man whose political hopes are undermined through a warped feeling of familial duty. This movie is sure to garner awards attention, however it likewise has the gravitas and across-the-board craftsmanship to stand the check of time together a killer true-crime tale.