, Ohio – us knew the final season the "Sons that Anarchy" to be headed under this road. We just didn't recognize it would take this lengthy to get there.

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Eventually, Jax Teller had to find out his mother, Gemma, was the source of all his problems. Tuesday's episode, "Suits that Woe," finally collection those inevitabilities into motion.

The episode begins with Jax and also Gemma trying to make feeling of things. Jax is do the efforts to figure out why Abel told him the Gemma eliminated Tara. Gemma is sitting at table apologizing come the imaginary ghost of Tara.

Jax finally gets some answers. Wendy reveals the Gemma was harboring Juice to protect him from the club. Jax, do the efforts to bottle up his rage, top to Unser for an ext answers.

Unser speak Jax the the member that Lin's Triad that Gemma said eliminated Tara was actually in prison the night that the murder. Unser agrees to help Jax get a face-to-face through Juice in prison.

Juice is in the procedure of providing himself a pep talk. "This gets done," he claims to himself. Juice finally gets his opportunity to monitor the club's orders when he's placed in room alone v Lin.

Lin admits it wasn't Jury the told the SAMCRO to be stashing the guns. It was the club's former company partner and ex-cop Charles Barosky (That was sort of obvious). Juice follows through on his promise to Jax and kills Lin.

With Jax currently fired up, Unser seems to be laying all his cards the end on the table. He speak Gemma that Jax to know she protected Juice. "Your son is identified to acquire to the truth," Unser speak Gemma, who goes into panic mode.

It may be time because that Jax to scare as well. It turns out the other chapters the "Sons of Anarchy" aren't to buy Jax's explanation because that killing Jury. If Jax can't prove Jury to be a rat (which he can't), things can come down to a "man vote." everything that is.

Jax top to the prison to meet with Juice, who reveals what Lin had to say. In what is the tensest minute of Season 7, Jax asks Juice why Gemma would protect him indigenous the club.

Jax tells Juice what Abel said about "grandma" killing his "second mommy." This is Charlie Hunnam in full, power-acting mode, making use of the pain in Jax's eyes to ask inquiries he doesn't' really desire answers to.

With both guys in tears, Juice ultimately offers Jax the truth about Gemma killing Tara. "The method she killed her, so brutal," Juice says.

Jax tells Juice around Bobby's death, which to be a direct an outcome of the club's failure beef through Lin and also August Marks. Jax then many thanks Juice for informing him the truth. In ~ the finish of one of the finest scenes in "Sons the Anarchy" history, Jax educates Juice he will certainly soon accomplish with Mr. Mayhem.

Jax sends out out the members that SAMCRO come look because that Gemma, but Chucky covers for her. Jax heads earlier to TM, whereby Unser provokes him right into a fight. Jax slugs Unser, which leader the sheriff to put out an all-points bulletin ~ above Jax.

Next, the sheriff and Unser head to view Juice, hoping he'll tell castle what Jax knows. However Juice isn't much help. He's a man now resigned come his very own fate.

Running out of options, Gemma goes come Nero for help. If they're together, Jax phone call Nero and also tells the what Gemma did come Tara. The news crushes Nero. Even he doesn't want to assist Gemma now.

On her way presumably the end of town, Gemma stops by to view Abel. She provides him his grandfather's "Sons" ring and also tells his teacher (Courtney Love) come take treatment of him.

After eluding the cops, Jax sit down through his club members come tell castle Gemma killed Tara. Whatever SAMCRO did this season has all been based on a lie. Jax takes property of the mistake and also says he'll do every little thing he deserve to to make points right. Though, that might not even be possible at this point.

"I'm i m really sorry the family I was offered has created so lot chaos in the family I've chosen," Jax states (Great line).

Jax quickly finds himself alone through Nero, who argues it may be time because that Jax to satisfy Tara's wish and leave SAMCRO behind. Nero climate tries to to convince Jax that killing his mommy is a wound that would certainly "swallow the up." perhaps it currently has.

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