I supplied P=pgh for this question and solved for height where p is pressure, p is density.

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The concern is asking exactly how high the water will increase in the turning back tube. The water rises due to atmospheric pressure pushing down on the water causing it come raise right into the tube.

The stopcock is staying clear of the water from rising. Usually the water would increase according come the equation P=rho*g*h. Resolving for h needs you to divide P (pressure) through rho*g (density*gravity). For this reason your equation is P/rho*g=h

Plug and chug native there..

In the AAMC explanation, they stated that P*A=m*g. This is an additional version the P=rho*g*h because mass is rho*volume and also volume is height*area.





I have never heard P*A=m*g however I intend mathematically it renders sense.

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