The generals have a saying:‘Rather 보다 make the first moveit is far better to wait and also see.Rather than development an inchit is far better to retreat a yard.’

This is called going forward there is no advancing,pushing back without utilizing weapons.

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There is no higher misfortunethan underestimating her enemy.Underestimating her enemymeans reasoning that he is evil.Thus you damage your 3 treasuresand come to be an enemy yourself.

When two an excellent forces oppose every other,the victory will goto the one that knows how to yield.

-Lao Tzu-(Tao dare Ching, thing 69, translate in by Stephen Mitchell)

Knowing just how to Yield

Yesterday, Lao Tzu talked about how come guard and also preserve simplicity, patience, and compassion, our three greatest treasures. In today’s chapter, he alerts us against destroying them. For that, he returns to talking around generals. Yesterday, the talked about the finest generals beginning the mental of your opponents. Today, us hear what this generals have to say.

Is this how generals think today? i don’t know. Probably the ideal generals do. Possibly we don’t have anyone prefer the ideal generals that Lao Tzu’s day, today. I have actually no armed forces expertise, so i really can not say. But, I doubt the civilians us “elect” to straight our best generals are responsible for the folly which is united state imperialism and hegemony, and not our generals. And, ns just need to say, i would prefer to have actually Lao Tzu’s ideal generals, and also their sayings, it is in what drives international policy. For, it is better to wait and also see, 보다 make the first move. The is better to retreat a yard, than advance even an inch.

This is the practice of gift in harmony through the Tao. It is competing without competing. By practicing this, you go forward there is no advancing, and push ago without utilizing weapons. It is the exercise of yielding.

By beginning the mind of your enemy you will never ever underestimate them. This conserves us indigenous the biggest of misfortunes. Why is underestimating your foe the greatest misfortune? the is because thinking your opponent is angry destroys your three biggest treasures. You become your very own worst enemy.

I to be thinking, best now, that the West’s underestimate of Putin in Russia, Assad in Syria, and also all the regimes we have actually “changed” or sought to “change” over the years. And, ns won’t even begin to list off every the human being we have actually put on watch lists, or targeted for drone strikes. We have a long history of underestimate the enemy. Is it any type of wonder our three greatest treasures have actually been destroyed?

For they have been, my friends, lock have. Where are simplicity, patience, and compassion come be uncovered in Washington DC? please pardon me for not speaking of international capitols, that which ns am wholly ignorant. Still, I doubt they are much the same as Washington; though, hopefully, a bit more humble.

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My point in every this is actually rather simple. We need to return to nurturing our three biggest treasures. And, for Lao Tzu, the comes under to how we define victory. Once two an excellent forces oppose every other, the victory doesn’t walk to the biggest, or the baddest. It goes to the one that knows just how to yield.

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