I do the failure of Googling “Dragon’s Breath” just prior to a planned visit to shot out the new, liquid-nitrogen-infused treat at Southcenter"s ice cream warm spot, Cloud ripe Creamery.

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I want to discover a video clip to display the kids what it would look like. Instead, up popped an FDA warning around severe damages to skin and internal organs, an obstacle breathing and also life-threatening injuries.


So, stop be clear, naipublishers.com does not endorse eating Dragon’s Breath. It’s fully your call if friend let your kids shot this trendy, gimmicky dessert. Personally, I often tend to err top top the side of treats, so mine taste-testers and also I headed the end to provide it a try.

Cloud nine Creamery Manager Drake Dixon provides an stimulate of Dragon’s Breath. Photograph credit: JiaYing Grygiel

So, what is it?

Dragon’s Breath is basically some small crunchy balls swirled around in fluid nitrogen therefore they get really, really cold. When you eat one, the warm of your mouth makes condensation billow out of your mouth and also nose. And it looks choose smoke.

“We have wanted to offer it since we opened, but we very first had come do comprehensive research and advancement to make certain we offered it as safely together possible,” composed Cloud ripe co-owner Andrew Hagee in one email. He included that the product they usage is made specifically for Cloud Nine, and it’s lighter and less thick so that doesn’t hold the liquid nitrogen inside.

Store manager Drake Dixon ran with the ground rules because that us: usage the spoon, no your fingers. Hot-potato it into your mouth, and also then breath out.

That wasn’t 100 percent reassuring, but all about us, civilization were bespeak Dragon’s Breath v camera phones ready to file the smoky results. So us dug in.

Dragon’s Breath. Photo credit: JiaYing Grygiel

From the judges:

Philippa, period 7: “It to be sorta weird.”

The children ate it, however they to be confused. This was an alleged to it is in a treat, right?

Joseph, age 7 1/2: “It didn’t also taste like ice cream.”

Dragon’s Breath is all about the acting effect, and also my sweet-toothed panelist wasn’t impressed. That tasted favor really, really cold cereal.

Paul, period 3: “It was yummy, because it had a lot of colors.”

My 3-year-old loves anything in pretty candy colors and the grain balls come in pink, green and yellow.

The funny point is, later that exact same day, we occurred to be shopping at the eastern grocery store and wandered past a screen of korean crackers that looked exactly like the Dragon’s Breath balls. It was $6.99 for a bag practically as huge as a toddler, so we bought it. He made decision he chosen the regular, room-temperature version better.

To it is in fair, regular Cloud nine Creamery ice cream is decadent and also delicious. Castle make every little thing to order, and it’s fun to watch the procedure where fluid nitrogen acting billows out of the KitchenAid mixing bowl (not her mouth).

My assumed is the Dragon’s Breath is far better suited to older kids, teens and adults that will get a kick out of the smoke effect. For now, my kids would rather have actually something yummy than something that looks cool.

Bubble waffle at Blank an are Café. Photo credit: JiaYing Grygiel

5 more gimmicky-fun desserts come try

Like i said, i err on the next of being pro-treat. Provide these funny ones a try:

If you walk for Dragon"s Breath...

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Find it: Cloud ripe Creamery is located inside Southcenter shopping mall at 191 Southcenter shopping mall in Tukwila.