A circa 1629 paint by Peter Paul Rubens that screens a stark comparison in between a foreground showing tranquility, prosperity, and also happiness and a background reflecting battle and suffering
(1560 - 1609) An Italian painter who pioneered the Baroque principle of the heroic landscape. He and also various other members of the Carracci household began the Bolognese art academy. Major work: The Flight into Egypt, 1603 - 1604.

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(ca. 1593 - 1651) An Italian painter thought about to be a "Caravaggista" (a close follower of Caravaggio). The initially womale admitted to the Academy of the Arts of Drawing, she was respected and also safeguarded by the Medici family members. Major works: Judith Beheading Holofernes, first version, 1612; second and also bigger version, 1614.
A college for artists started in 1582 by painter Annibale Carracci and members of his family. It was the initially institution geared to educate artists about Classical ethics, styles, and philosophies.
(1599 - 1660) A Spanish Baroque painter who spent the majority of of his career as King Phillip IV"s official royal court painter. He is finest recognized for painting portraits and scenes from history and mythology. Major work: Las Meninas, 1656.
An imaginative method in which figures or objects are exaggerated, specifically with the usage of elongation. Distortion might also involve the creation of unrealistic poses or positions.
A Baroque style of ideal landscape paint that reflected the universal truths of balance and also harmony of nature by developing large and beautiful scenes, commonly taken from biblical or superordinary stories. This style is exemplified by the works of Poussin and also Lorrain.
(1541 - 1614) A Greek Mannerist painter known for his dramatic paintings and also elongated figures; he invested most of his energetic career in Renaissance Spain. Major works: The View of Toleexecute, ca. 1604; The Vision of Saint John, 1608 - 1614.
Spanish for "The Maids of Honor," this Diego Velázquez masterpiece (1656) depicts Velázquez himself paint the king and also queen of Spain as their daughter, Margarita, bursts in with her attendants. All the figures interact through one another and also through the viewer in such amazing methods that this item is still debated and discussed this day.
(1494 - 1557) An Italian painter and also a leader of the Mannerist activity. He painted portraits and also religious topic matter. Major work: The Descent from the Cross, ca. 1525.

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An art movement characterized by distortion, daring shade, unwell balanced compositions, and emotional expression. It was occurred between 1520 and also 1600 in reaction to the serenity of the Renaissance.