Which group paid the the very least in counting under the Old Regime?the aristocracythe merchantsthe bourgeoisiethe peasants
The explanation of Independence and also the statements of the legal rights of male are comparable because castle bothwere written in an effort to destroy a monarchy.stated that federal governments must it is in responsible.were written to speak to attention to weak governments.stated that civilization should be able to enjoy liberty.

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The clergy comprised the wealthy first Estate, with members the noble lower in details having a good deal that power. What to be the resource of the clergy"s wealth?family moneytithesdonations from the kingsavings native paying short taxes
After the national Assembly to be locked out of the Estates-General meeting, members of the assembly met on a tennis court in Versailles and swore the Tennis Court Oath. What vow go they make through this oath?to proceed to work until the king had actually been overthrownto continue to work-related until the manors were dissolvedto proceed to occupational until France had actually a constitutionto continue to work-related until the human being could vote
How walk French assistance of the American change increase difficulties for King louis XVI?It accelerated the financial crisis.It introduced brand-new ideas concerning branches that government.It helped prove that a country could do there is no a king.It verified that a rigid course structure was dangerous.
How did the American revolution influence the French Revolution?Soldiers that had fought on the next of the colonies started the French Revolution.News of the war presented the French to the principles of the Enlightenment.The war proved that taxation without depiction was a just cause.The colonies" win demonstrated the a king could be defeated.

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The separation that church and state was vital to the French people due to the fact that of the power and wealth held by the clergy. Which theorist of the Enlightenment believed in this separation?LockeMontesquieuRousseauVoltaire
Which finest describes what France"s Old routine was?an financial systemrule by the monarchythe estatesa social and also political system
Under the Old Regime, the human being of France belonged to among three estates. What to be the basis of these divisions?occupationwealthsocial classreligion
What action made luigi XVI such an unpopular ruler?He gone into France into an unpopular war.He married an Austrian princess.He did no support federal government reform.He refused to permit the 3rd Estate own land.

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