By complying with these 6 KPI charts, your agency will be able to see the relationship between people and also profitability. These quick, "consumable" chartsare design to do it simple to understand, measure and compare these chauffeurs of her business.

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How to use the One page Scorecard


The 6 charts that consist of the One web page Scorecard provide a quick and easymonthly look at at her Company’s relationship between People and Profitability.

There are many different reports, ratios and KPIs the youcan usage to recognize your business.

You recognize the motorists of your business best.These 6 will aid any company that makes money on other People’s Time.

Why this 6?These charts work-related together come reveal how profits are impacted by people. And how the results affect your Human resources Strategy. We recommend girlfriend look at trends so you deserve to measure and also compare by benchmarking versus your budget and company history as well as your peers and also competition.

The 6 charts space arranged in details order. The left column shows “People” metrics and the right obelisk shows “Company” metrics. The height row represents “Revenue”, the center row to represent “Gross Profit”, and the bottom heat represents “Net Income.” Go throughout each row to check out how human being drive Profits.


"revenueper hour shows just how well you are managing the productivity, and also resulting profitability, of your people"


Revenue every Hour is a dollar lot of revenue earned because that every hour friend paid civilization to work. Complete Hours Paid consists of all salaried and hourly employee andboth direct and overhead staff. Usage 40 hrs to get complete hours paid for salaried and part time FTEs.

Revenue every Hour is among the most important metrics to watch as soon as you make money on other People’s Time. It shows exactly how well you control the productivity, and resulting profitability, of your people. The hidden costs of turnover, non-billable and inefficient time space summarized in one number.

WHAT must I look at AT?

How does her Revenue every Hour compare to what you thought it should be?What’s your trend? space you directionally walking up, continuing to be the exact same or shrinking?How does this month compare to the highs and lows that the previous year? Is this month a boy blip or adjust in the company model?How go Revenue every Hour compare to changes in personnel? Did turnover or new hires pains you?


If Revenue every Hour is growing, recognize and also reward your ideal people and also teams.

Study the actions of your ideal performing people. Recruit to replicate those traits.

If rates are shrinking, look at pricing and make sure your bids include all labor costs on a job.

Review influence on performance from changes in personnel.If human being left, questioning “why” in an leave interview and learn native the “free consulting.”If girlfriend added new staff, review just how you onboard brand-new staff. Study how long the takes a brand-new person come be completely productive.Drill down to revenue per hour through team, department or whatever method you have structured your job-related groups. Study the differences in between the best and also worst supervisors, training, client longevity, catalyst comp, etc. Develop a personal development plan to move your worst up or out.

Gross Revenue

Income deserve from all Sources


"Gross revenue reflects the total dollar lot of money earned.It"s the optimal line."


Gross Revenue is the full amount of money earned. It’s the top Line, before expenses, deductions, allowances etc. It reflects the capability of a business to sell products or services yet not have to the capability to make a profit.

The Gross Revenue metric is an accurate indicator for service businesses where there isn’t lot difference between gross and also net sales. The trend line speak you whether her billings room going up, shrinking or remaining the same.

WHAT need to I look at AT?

What does the orange tendency line call you? space you directionally walk up, under or shrinking?How walk revenue to compare to what you assumed it was going to be (your budget)?How does this month to compare to the highs and also lows that the previous year?Is your organization seasonal? If so, is it performing as you expected?


If pistol Revenue is increasing, make sure margins on brand-new business room on target.

Forecast how long you can handle the boost with present employees and also when you have to hire.

If pistol Revenue is shrinking, decision if the is a new reality or temporary.

If the a brand-new normal, what cuts deserve to you do to readjust for the reduced revenue without destroying the culture?If temporary, exactly how long have the right to you afford to assistance the current expense structure?Shift all obtainable people and resources to lead generation, proposal generation or other sales activities.

Labor price Per Employee

Total Labor expense ÷ number of FTEs


"Net earnings is the bottom line, a key indicator that profitability, cash & equity."


Net earnings is the most important an outcome of the Company. The is the lot of profit or ns the firm made, additionally called the “Bottom Line”.

It mirrors if the firm increased the worth of the same by happen in an ext money than it spends every month. It speak you if the service model is working. It is crucial to measure up profitability over time.

Net income turns into cash therefore it offers the lifeblood of the company.

WHAT should I look at AT?

What go the orange tendency line tell you? are you directionally going up, down or shrinking?How carry out profits to compare to what you thought it was going to it is in (your budget)?Check your net income against previous months. Those changed?After researching gross profit, now understand your overhead and also how that impacts your network profit.

ACTIONS TO take it

Did you suppose the changes? If not, analysis the variances.

How does her Net earnings trend line compare to pistol Revenue trend:

If gun Revenue is growing, review if you have actually to include overhead (e.g. Space).If gun Revenue is level or shrinking, decide if it is long-term or temporary.See if you have the right to increase profits by outsourcing to reduced overhead costs.Find back office efficiencies to mitigate time invested on non-revenue generating activities.Communicate your net earnings targets to crucial managers and staff and align their rewards with company profits and also get discretionary effort.If temporary, forecast just how long have the right to you purchased to continue your current expense structure.

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Could You advantage from a One web page Scorecard like this?

We"d be happy come speak with you around how your agency can benefit from a Scorecard choose this. Having actually easy-to-scan charts that present your company"srelationshipbetween people and profitability can administer insight you might not right now have on her business. specialization in providing accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping, accounting and controller solutions for little and tool businesses. We develop both financial and also management reports that show businesses their crucial performance indicators to assist drive growth and success.