Businesses that are separated right into two or more controllable units in which supervisors have actually authority and also responsibility for operations are shelp to bea. diversifiedb. centralizedc. consolidatedd. decentralized

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Which of the adhering to is the ideal example of a decentralized operation?a. each unit is responsible for its very own operations and decision makingb. in a major firm, operating decisions are made by height managementc. one owner who prepares, plans, and also makes decisions for the whole companyd. Namong these choices are correct.
Which of the adhering to is a disadvantage of decentralization?a. Decisions made by one manager may negatively affect the profitability of the entire agency.b. Decentralization helps retain quality supervisors.c. Managers are able to obtain specialization in their locations of duty.d. Managers closest to the operations make decisions.
A responsibility center in which the department manager has actually duty for and also authority over costs and also earnings is dubbed a(n)a. profit centerb. investment centerc. price centerd. volume center
In evaluating the profit center manager, the income from operations must be compareda. throughout profit centersb. to historic performance or budgand so on to the total firm income per shared. to the competitor"s net income
The prices of services charged to a profit facility on the basis of its usage of those solutions area. operating expensesb. service department chargesc. nonmanageable chargesd. activity charges
In an investment facility, the manager has the obligation for and the authority to make decisions that affecta. both expenses and also revenues for the department or divisionb. prices, earnings, and assets invested in the centerc. costs and also assets invested in the facility, yet not revenuesd. the assets invested in the center, but not costs and also revenues
The formula for the rerotate on investment isa. Income from Operations/Invested Assetsb. Invested Assets/Income from Operationsc. Income from Operations/Salesd. Sales/Invested Assets
The excess of divisional income from operations over a minimum acceptable amount of divisional income from operations isa. profit marginb. residual incomec. rerotate on investmentd. gross profit
The balanced scorecard measuresa. just nonfinancial informationb. exterior and inner informationc. both financial and nonfinancial informationd. only financial information


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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance11th EditionBradford D. Jordan, Randolph W. Westerarea, Stephen A. Ross

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